Selling Pool Covers in the Off-peak Months

Did you know that autumn is an excellent time to sell pool covers?

Pool covers have a purpose in both the summer and winter months. It’s ok for your customers to own two covers – one for summer, to stop evaporation, save chemicals and warm the water; and one for winter, to make looking after their pool in the off season a breeze.

It’s a win-win situation as your customers will get real benefits all through the year, and we are able to sell two instead of one pool cover with a genuine sense of care for the environment and our customers.

Pool covers have different characteristics with some better suited towards particular seasons.

Daisy WinterKleen Pool Covers are perfect for the Autumn months, as well as all year round. These Pool Covers act as a barrier to leaves and dirt. They allow water to pass through it without allowing dust to enter the pool. Leaves and dirt that fall on the cover can be easily blown or swept off.

Helping you sell more. Tips for Selling Two Pool Covers to your Customers:
Solution selling… Daisy Experts based in leafy areas can potentially sell truckloads of WinterKleen Pool Covers because customers living in these areas would have a strong need this type of cover. We know pool cleaners are continually being pushed to their limits trying to keep up with the onslaught of leaves.

We’ve been told Daisy Experts who know and introduce WinterKleen sell a lot of them by simply telling their customers there is a product that covers the pool, keeps all the leaves and dirt out while still allowing the water through… and when you take it off the pool is clean and you’ve saved water!

Sounds too simple but the Daisy WinterKleen really does work.

Best of luck! Feel free to share with us your feedback on selling WinterKleen over these Autumn months. We’d love to hear from you.