Resources and training

At Daisy, we aim to help you sell more by supporting you with all the information, tools and training you need … at your fingertips!

Training, resources, tools and passion (yes, we have to love our jobs!) are the cornerstones of knowledge which in turn helps sales.

Here to help.

The Daisy website contains an enormous amount of information from product information and flyers, to training and ‘How To’ videos, to Frequently Asked Questions. Use it yourself, for your staff training or direct your customers to the site to help them!

The Daisy Video Channel

The Video Centre contains ‘How To’ videos that walk you through the handy tips of how to measure and install pool covers, rollers and the Winterkleen – as well as Product videos that will show you how to select the right cover, for example.

The very handy ‘Resource Centre’ contains all the Daisy printed collateral from trade, residential and commercial brochures to fact sheets on warranties and installation. It’s like a one-stop shop for Daisy information!

And there’s more! The FAQ section has over 50 questions and answers filed under covers, rollers and technical tabs. Too easy… search and find!

Keeping up-to-date

The ‘News’ section is a library of all the articles that have been published over the years. All information is filed in categories – check out the left hand column. There’s also a search function if you need to find something specific.

It’s a great place to visit to keep in touch and find out what’s happening within our industry and with  Daisy.

We hope that providing all this information at your fingertips helps you and your team. If you need further assistance with training, contact your local Daisy Area Manager, or the Admin Centre.

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