Product Update – Pricing Changes

New products. New warranties. New pricing.

At Daisy, we work hard to keep any price movement to a minimum without compromising quality.

With new products come new warranties and new pricing – up, down and unchanged! Daisy will always aim to deliver value for money. Our new and improved products will have new prices but the add-on and value will be there for your customers. Whether it’s better materials, or logistics, our focus is delivering the best product in the most cost efficient way.

With the release of our new Yearbook and loads of new products and ranges, you’ll notice that much of the Daisy range will be available for the same cost or even at a price reduction!

Products with no price increase:

  • The 400 solar pool cover range
  • 5 Star rollers
  • Daisy Showcase range including Daisy Power, Berlin and Venice
  • All available parts.

Products with a price change:

  • 525 Range – with the main cost of the product in the actual material, we’ve worked hard not to pass on the full 5% increase in materials by moving the range from a 500um to a 525um range. We are limiting the price increase by less than 4%.  Titanium costs a lot more to produce, however with the exceptional uptake of this release, we have been able to keep the price difference to a minimum of only 2.285% for a much more advanced and attractive product
  • 250 Range – offering 25% more in thickness, there is a marginal 3.67% price increase
  • 5 Star – the 4.9m and 5.2m roller sizes have been moved into the large roller price bracket
  • ThermoTech Foam – with the increase raw materials pricing, we’ve had to pass on a part of it resulting in a 1.5% price increase
  • WinterKleen – with product improvements with the attachment cord and fitting style, as well as an increase in the costs of raw materials, we’ve had to increase the price by 5%
  • Buddy 50 and UTCAG 50 rollers – the new DIY pre drilling of rollers will see 2% increase
  • UTC75 – price reduced by 7.2%.


Daisy has one of the best track records in the industry in getting your orders to you quickly and on time!

Shipping large cubic items around Australia, we have always subsidised the cost of freight. And we like to keep it this way for you and your customers! However for non-metro areas, unfortunately we will have to pass on the increase in the cost of freight by 5% – this is a direct cost from the freight companies.

There will also be a long length surcharge of $75.00 + GST on fixed length rollers over 6.5m, regardless of location and other delivery charges. Fortunately, this will affect very few customers. We’ve kept the increase at a minimum and it’s a simple cost recovery for expenses incurred by Daisy when sending tubes outside the standard range.

If you need further information or have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact your Daisy Area Manager.

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