All Daisy quality pool covers use the trademarked UltraDomeTM technology. Exclusive to Daisy, this world-leading bubble technology is what makes a Daisy pool cover insulate and last longer than any other.

Features of UltraDomeTM

  • Consistent thickness of every bubble with 2/3 of total polyethylene (PE) in the lower layer which is in contact with the corrosive chemicals for greater durability
  • Unique process eliminates stretching and therefore any weak points that can make it more susceptible to physical damage
  • Our material contains tougheners to minimise solar and chemical degradation for a longer lasting pool cover
  • Maximum UV absorbers, quenchers and stabilisers; coupled with an innovative design across the entire cover for maximum insulation effectiveness to keep the water longer extending swimming months
  • Highly efficient insulators against heat loss by radiation and convection
  • All Daisy pool covers are available in a range of thicknesses and use category 4 LDPE (low-density PE) which means they are all recyclable.

UltraDome Bubble Technology






Download the UltraDomeTM Fact Sheet for further information.

Expert Tip: Our pool cover material is measured in micron thickness. The thicker the micron, the longer lasting your pool cover and Daisy pro-rata warranty will be.