Three awesome reasons for a pre-cut pool cover:

1. A perfect fit is guaranteed
2. Saves time and costs
3. It’s easier to install and use.

Pre-cut pool covers can be tailored to unique pool shapes and sizes, providing the perfect fit for fibreglass or pre-manufactured pools, so long as the brand and model of the pool are quoted with the words ‘pre-cut’ on the order.

Daisy uses an electronic 3D point capturing device to measure and accurately plot the data to help reproduce a pool cover to the EXACT shape of the pool. The data can be manipulated so the pool cover can be cut and supplied to a waterline as well as an oversize for an upturn. Check out this video.

Dig templates are accurately cut from pool data saving time and money

A new pool? Dig templates, made out of special width builders’ plastic, are cut to the exact pool shape. It is then laid out in the backyard and correctly placed so pool owners-to-be can easily visualise and approve the pool location even before digging begins. It takes the risk out of process!

This degree of accuracy and precision used in measuring and collecting the data guarantees a perfect fit for all pools every time.

This technology eliminates the need for installers to return to site to measure up and cut to shape. The result is a substantial saving in both time and money with no double handling as all measurements and the positioning are taken care of all in the one visit. Plus – they’re easy to install.

Making it easy.
The level of service is a win/ win. For pool owners, it saves time and second guessing. For installers, it’s a perfect fit – always!

New selections of pre-cut pool covers and dig template shapes are added as soon as measurements become available. Contact us for further details and pricing.


View the Pre-cut Pool Covers and Dig Templates Flyer in our Resource Centre.