Pool covers that will make it onto your customer’s wish list

The latest S8+ Titanium covers will woo anyone this summer!

With pool technology rapidly improving, pool cover aesthetics have also come a long way. It’s time to throw away any stigma attached to using outdated – has-been – pool covers and get with the times.

Daisy’s latest UltraDome+™ Titanium pool covers may just woo your customers and make their way onto their wish list this summer season! The S8+ Titanium range offers a modern and sophisticated design to complement latest pool landscapes and fittings and its many additional benefits make it much easier to sell to your customers. Are you familiar with these benefits?


The UltraDome+ Titanium range – S8+TB and S8+TG

The new UltraDome+ Titanium range not only utilises the UltraDome bubble technology, it has been designed and tested to let the maximum amount of the sun’s energy through and less out.

A winning layer combination

The sun’s energy needs to be able to pass easily through the transparent material to enter the water. The less energy being used to pass through, the more energy there is available to warm the water. The UltraDome+ clear top and translucent bottom is a winning layer combination as both layers allow maximum sun energy to pass through without interruption.

How does the UltraDome+ Titanium range compare with other covers on the market?

Daisy Pool Covers Series 8 Pool Cover Features

We love hearing your feedback!

Thank you! We’ve received an overwhelming response so far with lots of photos of the new UltraDome+ Titanium pool cover installations being posted on Facebook and photos and feedback being emailed directly to us. It’s been an encouraging start to the launch of the new range which is gearing up towards a huge demand for the S8+TB and S8+TG covers over the summer. They’re available now! Just make an order online using your Expert Login.

Download the Series 8 UltraDome+ Titanium Flyer for more information.

In the name of innovation

Check out our new product upgrades:

S8 SB Silver Back: As this range is fast becoming obsolete it will be discontinued within the next month due to huge demand for the latest UltraDome+ Titanium range.

S8 SS Solar Screen: With the UltraDome+ Titanium technology, Daisy is currently designing and testing a product upgrade of this solar screen range.

Advances with the new non-heating technology are:

  • a new non-heating opaque material
  • with evaporation and a unique cooling control
  • a new desirable appearance for the warmer climates; or for Aussies who just want to keep their pool cooler, or even to have a better external heating control over the pool temperature.

This S8 SS Solar Screen product upgrade should be available to your customers by the New Year. Stay tuned for more details; or feel free to catch up with your Daisy Area Manager for updates.