The Perfect Fit with Pre Cut and Dig Templates

If you have a pre-manufactured fibreglass style pool, Daisy can pre-cut the pool cover to size so you don’t have to.


Take the risk out of the equation. 

Daisy Dig Templates are useful in helping to accurately set out the pool location and mark out the dig on fibreglass pools.

Sales / Dig Templates are used to position the pool in the yard to get the sizing and positioning just right for your customer. It saves time and second guessing as your customer will be able to see the pool and what it will look like in its actual setting.

It’s a great sales tool as well as it guarantees a perfect fit for the pool cover – an easier sell!


What colour would you like?

Dig Templates are traditionally black in colour and made out of durable polyethylene (PE) material.  Because black is sometimes difficult to visualise as pool water, Daisy also has them in blue!

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