New ThermoTech Insulating Foam Range

With innovation and continuous improvement at its core, Daisy has always brought to the table well researched and tested products. After extensive R&D, we are pleased to announce the launch of the new 4.5mm thick foam range of pool covers suitable for both residential and commercial pools.

Continuous improvement in quality

Representing a 50% increase in thickness from the current 3mm product, the new product will increase thermal resistance (R value) and also durability.

Maintained in the same superior physically crosslinked polyolefin foam sandwiched between two layers of UV stabilised, polyethylene based polyfabric Canvacon film – making the cover reversible in the right installations. The layers are flame bonded (top and bottom) together and are extremely resistant to delamination, even at high temperatures.

The closed cell foam layer provides excellent insulation and water repellence properties and is resistant to chemical degradation; while the outer woven layers gives the pool cover its superior strength and durability.

The composite is free of heavy metals, plasticisers and CFCs and has a working temperature range of -40C degrees to +70C degrees.

Style and colour

Style and colour are important features in pool covers as they are a very visible part of pool areas. With this in mind, the Thermotech comes in three fashionable colours:

  • TTB – 4.5mm Thermotech Foam Blue

  • TTG – 4.5mm Thermotech Foam Green

  • TTS – 4.5mm Thermotech Foam Silver

Entry and Exit

The current 3mm ThermoTech covers will be phased out but the great news for everyone is that while we phase out the 3mm, we will be supplying all Thermotech Foam orders in the new 4.5mm at the same price as the old 3mm cover! New 4.5mm prices will be in place when we issue a new Year Book in 2018.