New Products for 2016/17

Love new things to sell! We have a new cover for above ground pools, DIY rollers and more!

We’re here to help you sell more and what’s better than some new add-ons and products. From a new above ground pool cover option, to a new easy to install DIY rollers range, we have loads of new products that keep the conversation going with your customers. 

A new cover for above ground pools – that’s a quality leaf cover option!

Previously offering the PoolKap as the only option for the above ground pool market, Daisy is excited to introduce the WinterKap, a quality new option made from the same material as the very popular WinterKleen cover.

Similar to a shower cap, this cover is used for free standing, above ground pools as a cap to go over the top. The WinterKap is approximately 400mm larger than the PoolKap and is secured by a shock cord that is thread through eyelets around the edge of the cover. There are also floats available to help keep the centre of the cover out of the water if needed. See page 17 of the Daisy Yearbook for pricing.

WinterKleen – Black has joined Blue and Green as a standard product

Black is cool! Now you have a choice of three colours to sell in this range and it looks great!


A new DIY roller range

The new easy to install 5 Star DIY roller range uses an innovative pool cover roller tube design to make it a truly simple pre-manufactured roller that can suit a variety of standard pool sizes.

With a maximum length of 2.5m, the DIY tube set is supplied pre drilled and marked for quick and easy installation. All stainless steel screw holes for joining the tube and end slug installation are marked red, whilst all feather plug holes are marked white.

All 5 Star roller models have the DIY option and come in small (SM) for the majority of pools that need a roller up to 4.6m in length, or large (LG) for pools of up to 6.4m in roller length.

The new 5 Star A100 roller, upgrade of the UTC75 and the reintroduction of the UTC100

The new A100 roller comes as an extension to the current A75 range for the larger pools.

With the introduction of the DIY rollers, the tube set for the UTC75 has been upgraded to the new DIY style and will suit pools up to 12.0m long by 4.3m wide.

The UTC100 has been reintroduced for a cost effective option for larger pools. It features a three piece 100mm roller tube for tube lengths of up to 6.4m long, suiting pools of up to 15m long by 6.1m wide.

The new Yearbook that comes into effect 1st August 2016 will have it all covered. Check it out here.