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Do you have your Expert Log in details?

If not just email us at and we will send your log in details straight through.

Secure Payment Gateway and More

Log into Daisy to use the NAB powered Pay My Account via credit card gateway safely and securely. You can also place orders directly through to Daisy with Place My Order.

We designed this module to make it as simple and trouble free as possible when you do business with us!

Have you noticed the Register Your Warranty link at the bottom of the website?

As you know, all Daisy pool covers are warranted. Encourage your customers to register their warranty as it makes it so much easier for them – no more trying to find their receipts years later!

It’s simple! Click on the link, fill in the details and load up the receipt. Daisy looks after it from there. If something happens and they need to place a warranty claim, we have them covered! We’ll have all their information as well as the receipt (which would have probably even have faded!) on file. No need for them to hunt for the receipt or worse still – ask you to find out when they purchased their Daisy from you.

Stay informed!  CATCH UP with your Daisy Area Manager to keep in touch with our initiatives and for further training.

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