Launching with great excitement the new Daisy Quarterly Pool Tips!

A useful tool to interact with your customers

Starting this autumn we’ll be launching our first edition of Daisy’s Quarterly Pool Tips for Pool Owners.

These seasonal pool tips will be sent out to pool owners, or want-to-be pool owners, who have already registered their interest in Daisy; and into the future, all that have registered their Warranties.

What will be in the Quarterly Tips: Lots! They will include ways to prepare for the upcoming season, maintenance and care, frequently asked questions, and loads of ideas! We always love hearing from you. If you have any suggested topics for us to cover in upcoming editions, please feel free to let us know – email us at

Oh by the way, as a Daisy Expert, we have added you to this mailing list too so you can become familiar with it as you may like to use it as a way of engaging your customers, and best of all, selling more. Anyone who doesn’t want to receive it can simply unsubscribe… but we hope they don’t!

3 cool ways to use these tips:

  • Forward on or share with your customers using social media – Facebook, Linkedin, Google+
  • Start commenting on the shared articles on social media and interact with your customers online
  • Ask your customers if they have received the last Quarterly Pool Tips, and if they haven’t, encourage them to register via the Daisy website.

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