It’s not only size that matters…

5 features of the perfect pool cover bubble

Pool cover technology has come a long way from the early days of modified bubble wrap when the bubbles were flimsy and weaker. Today, we have the trademarked UltraDome design which offers consistent thickness and now we have the clear and transparent layers of UltraDome+ which allows  even more warmth to be trapped.

It’s not all in the size! The shape counts! The smaller, rounder and more consistent the bubble, the warmer your customer’s pool will be… not to mention the longer they can spend enjoying their pool.

Learn about the five features that make the perfect pool cover bubble:

  1. Size

  • Smaller bubble size is more effective
  • Maximum insulation
  • Maximum bubbles density
  1. Shape

  • A rounder more consistent shape eliminates weak points
  1. Thickness

  • Consistent bubble thickness for greater durability
  • 1/3 of total material in the top layer and 2/3 in the bottom layer which is in contact with corrosive chemicals
  1. Transparency

  • Unique clear top layer
  • Maximum heat and energy into the pool, not into the pool cover
  • Specially formulated translucent bottom layer
  • Modern titanium colours looking better for longer
  1. Material

  • Total polyethylene material
  • UV absorbers across the entire cover for maximum lifespan
  • Eliminates 97% evaporation
  • Efficient insulators against heat loss by radiation, convection and evaporation
  • Material tougheners for longer life.

Industry leading 1st pool cover technology

The latest UltraDome+ Titanium range features all of the above and not only utilises the UltraDome bubble technology, it has been designed and tested to let the maximum amount of the sun’s energy through and less out. The UltraDome+ clear top and translucent bottom is a winning layer combination as both layers allow maximum sun energy to pass through without interruption. Read about the UltraDome story.

Don’t forget our new product upgrades – coming soon!

S8 Green: The standard Series 8 Green had been superseded and is now being supplied as the Titanium Green – S8+ TG.

S8 SB Silver Back: As this range is has become obsolete it has been discontinued due to huge demand for the latest UltraDome+ Titanium range. All Silverback orders will be supplied as Titanium Blue.

S8 SS Solar Screen: With the UltraDome+ Titanium technology, Daisy is currently designing and testing a product upgrade of this solar screen range.

Advances with the new non-heating technology are:

  • a new non-heating opaque material
  • with evaporation and a unique cooling control
  • a new desirable appearance for the warmer climates; or for Aussies who just want to keep their pool cooler, or even to have a better external heating control over the pool temperature.

This S8 SS Solar Screen product upgrade should be available to your customers by the New Year. Stay tuned for more details; or feel free to catch up with your Daisy Area Manager for updates.