It’s in the detail

We take care of the little things…

It’s the little things that make Daisy… Daisy. We’re passionate about what we do and don’t believe in a set and forget attitude. We’re constantly listening to you and actively evaluating the products we make and supply to ensure you and your customers are getting the very best quality product.

When we hear or see an opportunity to improve, we act on it! This is one of the many reasons that we can proudly stand behind the products we supply and give you the very best service.

With the launch of the new Series 8 UltraDome+ Titanium range it is probably worth looking back over the last year or so and share some of the finer improvements we have made that you may not have even noticed that keep Daisy industry leading and Australia’s favourite pool covers and rollers.

Little improvements we’ve made:

  • WinterKleen Cord and Fittings: Upgraded cord to 8 plat PP Australian made cord. We used to use a nylon ski rope that we found could slip through the fitting clamp so we sourced a better quality Aussie product that does not slip and is easier on your hand to use.

WinterKleen Cord and Fittings

  • WinterKleen Thread: We have ensured all WinterKleen thread used in our sewing machine utilises a special Teflon thread. This is hugely expensive however we know the thread will not fail. Thread failure was a problem with WinterKleens as they sit in or very close to the water and once the thread fails, the cover comes apart.
  • Pool Cover Master-Batch Compound: Upgraded the pool cover master-batch compound to make it slightly more pliable.
  • UTC Roller Tubes: All UTC roller tubes are now anodised. The anodising protects the tubes making them look nicer for longer and don’t discolour.
  • UTC Tube Sets: All UTC tuber sets now come with stainless steel self-drilling screws. To make installation quicker and easier no longer do you have to drill then drive in a screw, all UTC rollers are now standard with self-drilling screws.
  • Roller Range End Slugs: The entire roller range has been updated with solid end slugs with retaining bolt and washers. We have upgraded the end slugs from the hollow style with an internal retaining cap that could (over time) walk out, and from time to time during transportation could get damaged; to a solid shaft that has a thread in the end, that a 8mm stainless bolt and retaining washer can be securely fastened to.

Daisy Axle Holder

  • Over-Cover Material Now Australian Made. Daisy has been able to negotiate with an Australian manufacturer to make our over-cover material base stock, giving you and your customers a locally made top quality product. All 5 star over-covers are pre-made to the roller tube size.
  • 5 Star Roller Tubes Pre-Assembles Fixed Length Tube. This is nothing new but is so special giving you a fixed length roller tube that is totally pre-assembled making it a stronger, better roller tube not to mention installation is almost too quick and easy.
  • All Roller-Cover Connection Cords Australian Made. Once again nothing new here, but these are such good quality we know you won’t have a problem because we have been using these for over 30 years now.
  • Pre-Cut Measure and Remeasure. Constant pre-cut measure and remeasure of pool shells to make sure data is as accurate as possible. 

If you have any questions or feedback on any of these products improvements please get in touch with us directly or contact your Daisy Area Manager anytime. We’re here to help you.