Daisy Launches the Wider A100 Roller

Width Expansion to the A75 Roller

We have had many requests to make a larger A75 for the larger pool width, so we did!

Since its introduction, the A75 roller has grown to be one of the more popular 5 Star rollers in the Daisy range. As with most things Daisy does, it was made so well that it could perform for most pools. With a 75mm anodised aluminium tube the A75 could quite easily take most pool covers up to a 4.3m wide pool.

For the larger pools over 4.3m wide (up to 5.5 meter), the A100 comes with a 100mm anodised aluminium tube (as with all 5 Star rollers) and the tube itself is a one piece pre-manufactured roller tube making the installation even easier and quicker!

As with all Daisy rollers, the A100 comes with a protective over cover and pool cover attachment kit. See page 5 of the current Daisy Year Book for more.

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