Daisy’s High Social Standing

Daisy has you covered 24/7 with a social influence on most major platforms. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus and even watch our ‘how-to’ videos on YouTube.

You too can leverage the power of social media to build greater awareness for your store and the products you sell. Here’s some handy tips:

  1. Choose the right social media platform that will resonate and be relevant to your customer. Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are great for audiences sharing images of family fun or viewing and saving images of home design ideas.
  2. It’s all about content! Make sure you post relevant content that they are interested in. Mix it up with tips on pool maintenance and handy information on some of the products you sell. Add some promotional and sales incentives and get them to share these with their friends. You’ll soon find that you’ll start to grow your fan base.
  3. Keep it going. Make sure you keep your posts up on a regular basis. Try to strike that balance of keeping your brand top-of-mind whilst not being too annoying and blocking up their news feed. We find twice a week works for us.
  4. Risk management. You will need to ensure that you set your company page privacy settings to suit your business. Check out the age group, block obscenities and maybe allow nothing to go up on your wall unless you’ve approved it.
  5. If someone does post a comment or ask questions, treat them as it they’re actually talking to you personally. Answer them! Take negative comments offline by addressing their concerns by private messaging but do acknowledge this openly eg thank you for your concern. Feedback is important to us. We’ll be in touch soon by private message.
  6. Grow your base. Share our posts to create another great source of content for your own pages!

Hope this helps as a starting point.