Daisy Releases New Year Book and New Range

Simplified pool cover range. Three grades to suit your clients. 

2015-16 has continued to be a progressive and successful year for Daisy and again, we would like to thank you for your support.

We are about to send you a suite of new Daisy printed collateral, including the new 2016/17 Yearbook and brochures that come into effect from 1st August 2016 .

Easier and more stylish! Daisy has upgraded and simplified the solar pool cover range to an entry level, mid-range and the new 525 top of the line choice.

The new Daisy pool cover range:

  1. The 525 range – top of the range, it replaces the Series 8 (500um).  5% thicker at 525 um, when purchased at an Expert (physical) store, it will be backed with an additional two year warranty, taking it to an industry leading 10 year pro rata warranty. This will only available when purchased from a Daisy Expert outlet; online purchases in this range will carry the standard 8 year pro rata warranty

The 525 range will be available in our popular colours, Blue (525B), and our stylish Titanium Blue (525TB), Titanium Green (525TG) and Titanium Cool (525TC).

  1. The 400 range – (400B) mid-range, this remains unchanged and well-priced with a five year pro rata warranty
  1. The 250 range – (250B) our entry level range, it still offers great Daisy quality. This has been upgraded from the Series 3 from 200um to 250um, offering a solid lifespan and all the benefits of a quality, budget style, entry level pool cover with a three year pro rata warranty.

Did you notice the new names now directly reflect the micron thickness – easy!

Yearbook 2016-17 ready for release!

The new Daisy Yearbook that comes into effect 1st August 2016 will have it all covered and be accessible via the Daisy Resource Centre.  We hope that it continues to be a helpful guide!

Need more info?  Catch up with your Daisy Area Manager to keep in touch with our initiatives or check out our Resource Centre on the Daisy website. It has all the new brochures and Yearbook digitally.