Daisy Launches Summer of 2016-17 Range

Wow what a response to the new range!

Released only a few weeks ago, Daisy’s Summer of 2016-17 new pool cover range has had an overwhelming response on all fronts! It’s the magic formula of keeping the style on trend and continued innovation in the product quality that has proved a winner!

Keeping it simple – three categories! Daisy has simplified the solar pool cover range to three main categories:

The premium 525 range is the most popular choice, with a 10 year pro-rata warranty when purchased from a Daisy Expert retail outlet.

Making it easy – a simplified range! The new pool cover names now correspond to the total material thickness of the pool cover (microns).

What’s changed?

  • 250B: Replacing the old Series 3 (200um) pool cover, the 250B has been upgraded to 250um. The three year pro-rata warranty is maintained.
  • 525: Replacing the old Series 8 (500um) range is the 525um product. Five percent thicker, it gives your customers that premium feel in the product. Added to this is the stylish on trend Titanium range of colours and there is no comparing this product to anything else.

What not changed?

  • The old Series 5 (400um) product remains unchanged, but the name has changed to 400B

What’s gone?

  • The old Series 4 (300um) product has been discontinued.

All Daisy solar pool covers continue to be manufactured using the industry leading UltraDome™ bubble technology with more material in the highest wearing part giving your customers a product that performs and lasts for longer than any other.

New training modules have also been completed. Contact your Daisy Area Manager if you would like to book in store training for yourself or any of your staff.

Local Area Managers

Stay informed!  CATCH UP with your Daisy Area Manager to keep in touch with our initiatives and for further training.

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