Daisy Launches New Sand Filter Change Bags

Because you asked for them!

Listening to the industry has always been a hallmark of how we work at Daisy. It helps us drive innovation and deliver to you market leading and relevant products to help you sell more!


The problem: The sand filter blues…

We all know the problem the service tech’s have when they scoop or pump out the sand from the filter…what do they do with it after?

Some empty the sand on a tarp, the floor, or paving to let the water drain and then use buckets to move the sand to their vehicles to dispose of it.

Messy, painful and … there has to be a better way!


The solution: Daisy innovation

Over the last few months, we have been asked by a few pool shops to come up with an idea to address this issue. We used our strong and porous WinterKleen material as a base product to come up with the perfect free standing bag capable of holding the wet sand that comes out of the sand filter after a media change.

After a few trials and modifications we have done it! We created a bag that can take the weight of sand and be porous enough to allow the water to drain through.

The testing was a resounding success with orders already coming in strong.


The technology behind the quality – what you need to know.

The sand bags are made from the WinterKleen material so they let the water drain out, and are super strong.

Using Teflon sewing thread, the same that we use for the WinterKleen covers, we have a tried and tested material to ensure that you won’t have any issues on the quality of  the stitching.

For easy transport and added strength, we have designed in two 25mm polypropylene webbing handles that are sewn completely under the bag to support the weight.

The new Daisy sand bags are strong enough to hold 10-15 kgs – more weight than you can safely carry so don’t over fill the bags and hurt yourself!

We’ve also given a lot of thought on the design of the bag. The sturdy design is engineered to allow the bag to sit up on its own and maintain its shape for easy filling.  By folding over the sides (1/3 to ½ of the way down), it makes it even easier to stand up.


To order:

The sand bags are available now for only $18.50 + GST each. Freight for each order is $19.00.

Ask your Daisy Area Manager for more information: