Daisy ‘Get a Quote’ tool links you with your customer

Are you missing out on sales? Learn how the process works!

The ‘Get a Quote’ ordering tool located on the Daisy website is a great marketing device for Daisy Experts wanting to maximise sales.

With around two thirds of people researching on the internet before making a purchase, this online tool allows us to take customers out of the market before they step into it. In the absence of an online presence for many Daisy Experts, our ‘Get a Quote’ tool is one way we are directly linking you – the expert – with the potential customer.

In essence, WE receive a commitment from the customer to buy a Daisy product and then they visit your store to purchase it. YOU handle the questions on the how and why and then (hopefully!) convert the sale. Remember that all margins from these online sales will be passed onto the local Daisy Expert selected online by the customer.

However potential sales leads may be being lost. We don’t want you missing out on sales by not fully understanding how the ‘Get a Quote’ process works; what the emails mean, how to follow up and what can be done to convert the sale. In our commitment to making it easier for you – we’ve explained it here for you!


The process - Daisy



  • TO THE CUSTOMER: Advising them of their purchase and your contact details showing where to go in and pay you for their order.
  • TO YOU, THE DAISY EXPERT: Informing you in advance that your customer has made a commitment to buy a Daisy from you. If they don’t come into pay for it then it is an IDEAL opportunity to contact them directly to follow up on the sale. Once they have made their payment, then you make the order to Daisy.
  • TO US AT DAISY: Advising us what you will be ordering.

We hope this work flow helps you visualise the whole process. If you have any questions about how any of this works, feel free to contact us at hello@daisypoolcovers.com.au. We’d be only too happy to help!