Daisy AquaSaver Back in Stock!

Daisy’s AquaSaver experienced a sensational introduction to the market and a massive trade uptake, and in turn our base supplier ran out of stock!

We now have AquaSaver back in stock and are dispatching all back orders from tomorrow, 18th February.

Daisy’s AquaSaver creates an ultra thin, invisible barrier on your swimming pool that helps reduce evaporation and heat loss. It is perfect for those that have a cover that doesn’t cover the entire pool, like these pools below, or if no cover can be used.

AquaSaver reduces heat loss by forming a harmless, ultra thin, invisible barrier on the surface of water to reduce evaporation. Ideally used in conjunction with a pool cover or if no cover can be used, you can save up to 30% of evaporation with AquaSaver alone.

Head to our AquaSaver page to get more information!

Step area uncovered
Covering the main pool
525B uncovered steps