Help your customers conquer their high leaf or debris problem

Help your customers conquer their high leaf or debris problem

Sell them a WinterKleen cover – Black, Blue or Green!

It may be summer when our customers are typically spending more time entertaining friends by the pool however there are many who are experiencing a continuous debris problem around their pools. And, without pointing blame, generally the source of this problem tends to be from the next door neighbour’s tree (wink – nudge)!

For our customers enduring a high leaf or debris load there is an easy solution. The WinterKleen is the ideal product range for them all year round. What’s new with our WinterKleen covers?

The New Black

Don’t cringe with us using this cliché line (because we’re going to use it anyway)… due to customer demand, Daisy has produced a brand new WinterKleen Black.

The new WinterKleen Black has been specifically designed and developed for our customers who prefer a clean, sleek, unobtrusive and natural look in their backyards rather than introducing a blue or green colour into the mix.

WinterKleen Black also offers the All Year Round solution by keeping all the dust and debris out of the pool while still allowing the water to pass through. The Black is the same weight and the same cost as the standard WinterKleen Blue or Green – refer to Daisy Yearbook on page 21 or via our Get a Quote tool.

The WinterKleen Black is available now!

Simply specify the colour when you order… Black, Blue or Green.

Latest All Year Round brochure

The new Daisy All Year Round brochure is now available and is updated with current information and real reasons why many people love having both a summer solar pool cover and a winter debris protection cover to make their year round enjoyment of their pool a pleasure.

With an abundance of thick leafy backyards in Australia there are lots of customers who have conquered their high debris problem with their WinterKleen! WinterKleen pool covers make looking after pools a lot easier. Be your customer’s hero and introduce them to the WinterKleen pool cover range – available now in Black, Blue and Green.

If you have any questions or feedback on this new cover please get in touch with us directly or contact your Daisy Area Manager anytime. We’re here to listen, help and take care of the little things .