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Daisy is Australia’s largest supplier of commercial pool covers and rollers. With over 30 years of experience, we bring to the table well researched and tested products, a depth of knowledge and a network of experts located nationally.

We focus on the detail and the delivery of results

We have built an enviable reputation by focusing on the detailed requirements of each job. Our commercial products are manufactured using leading technology and award winning and patented technology that delivers the strength and durability required for commercial use.

Our service, expertise and product design and quality produce cost reductions that are multiplied with commercial purchases.

If your operation is considering the cost saving benefits of a Daisy pool cover and roller system, contact our commercial division

Daisy pool cover and roller systems save on a large scale 

1. Saves pool warmth and reduces heating costs by 30-40%

2. Saves on cleaning costs

3. Saves on the cost of chemicals and retains chlorine

4. Reduces evaporation by 97%

5. Reduces corrosion and condensation in indoor heated pools

6. Extends the swimming season

7. A Daisy will pay for itself in 12 months.


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