Winterkleen deck fitting options

In addition to the standard Black, Daisy now offers Bone and Terracotta inserts (for both standard inground and deck fittings) to better suit your pool’s surroundings. Even better, we have new fitting colour options to match! See page 23 here for more information.

This beautiful green Winterkleen pool cover features ladder cutouts and our new Terracotta deck inserts to suit the landscape in Roleystone, WA.

Daisy Staff Movements

We have had a few changes to our staff very recently!

John (second from right), the WA Area Manager is moving into Daisy Head Office in an internal support role.

Shannon (middle left), who is currently the NSW (South)/VIC/TAS Area Manager, is moving over to WA to take over John’s role as WA Area Manager.

PASCAA & SPASA Australia to Unite

The Pool and Spa Association of Australia (SPASA) and the Pool and Spa Cover Association of Australia (PASCAA) are merging. In an exciting move, this merger will increase resources and unify deliverables to all areas of the swimming pool industry for PR and advocacy to consumers, regulators and everyone that is even remotely connected to the swimming pool and spa industry.

Derek Prince, Vice President of PASCAA, says, “PASCAA was formed to protect consumers and the industry from substandard products before the incorporation of SPASA Australia. After the formation of PASCAA and the introduction of minimum standards for Australian fit for purpose pool covers, Smart Approved Watermark adopted the PASCAA testing methods for minimum standards, a great outcome for industry and consumers alike.”


With the droughts in the early 2000’s governments and water bodies around Australia brought in regulation and, in some places, rebates on pool covers that were Smart Approved Watermarked. Some swimming pool covers were being sold as cheap as possible, regardless of their quality, because pool owners were needed to stop evaporation. However, the swimming pool industry knows that a poor quality pool cover simply does not last. We were hearing regular stories of pool covers lasting merely months. In the beginning, Smart Approved Watermark did not understand completely what a fit for purpose pool cover was. With no nationally incorporated SPASA organisation that could lobby government or Smart Approved Watermark, the Pool Cover industry formed our own nationally incorporated Association so we could engage and influence governments and Smart Approved Watermark.

Then, we fast forward a few years to see the formation of a nationally incorporated SPASA Australia that amalgamated most states.

SPASA Australia then adopted PASCAA minimum standards as the benchmark for a fit for purpose pool cover in Australia.

With the incorporation of SPASA Australia, PASCAA like many other industry bodies was keen to see a unified industry body however felt that SPASA Australia needed to have more than a plan, they needed to put ‘runs on the board’ to show that they truly were the peak national industry body for the whole industry not only for builders like SPASA of old, but as a Swimming Pool Industry advocate for builders, retail, service and suppliers.

We were all hoping to see a SPASA for the industry as a whole. PASCAA has been working alongside SPASA Australia for a few years now. With current agendas of the Heating Sector Committee, Standards Australia proposals along with the advocacy activity PASCAA believe that SPASA Australia has exceeded their plans and the time is right for all in our industry to unite under one national SPASA Australia.


PASCAA is proud to be that latest merger with SPASA Australia and look forward to further working under the SPASA Australia brand.


Daisy AquaSaver Back in Stock!

Daisy’s AquaSaver experienced a sensational introduction to the market and a massive trade uptake, and in turn our base supplier ran out of stock!

We now have AquaSaver back in stock and are dispatching all back orders from tomorrow, 18th February.

Daisy’s AquaSaver creates an ultra thin, invisible barrier on your swimming pool that helps reduce evaporation and heat loss. It is perfect for those that have a cover that doesn’t cover the entire pool, like these pools below, or if no cover can be used.

AquaSaver reduces heat loss by forming a harmless, ultra thin, invisible barrier on the surface of water to reduce evaporation. Ideally used in conjunction with a pool cover or if no cover can be used, you can save up to 30% of evaporation with AquaSaver alone.

Head to our AquaSaver page to get more information!

Step area uncovered
Covering the main pool
525B uncovered steps

Daisy Dealer Guide

Daisy Pool Covers™ has recently created a Dealer Guide to aid our resellers in selling Daisy products while maintaining the integrity of the Daisy Pool Covers™ brand.

We all have the shared goal of consumer/end user satisfaction and this Dealer Guide sets out the brand guidelines for achieving this. The products supplied by Daisy Pool Covers™ require a level of technical knowledge to ensure the correct product is provided for the consumer’s needs and application.

Over the years, we at Daisy Pool Covers™ have worked hard to be the best in the industry when it comes to quality, service and support so we would like to reinforce that all products supplied by Daisy Pool Covers™ be promoted by Daisy Pool Covers™ resellers in a manner reflecting this.

Our Internet and Online Advertising Policy has been designed to assist resellers in the marketing of the Daisy Pool Covers™ products, and to protect the interest of consumers who purchase or browse online, whilst protecting the brand integrity of Daisy Pool Covers™.

The team at Daisy Pool Covers™ spends so much time and energy after an order is placed, before it is dispatched, to make sure the order is correct. Then, once the goods have been received by the consumer, we help them with technical advice and support of the product throughout its lifespan, into warranty.

The Dealer Guide showcases what Daisy Pool Covers™ is already doing as well as presenting our updated Internet and Online Advertising Policy.

We ask that you please follow our advertising guidelines outlined below that will come into effect 1st July 2019.

Advertising guidelines:

  • All Daisy Pool Cover products must be promoted in a manner that reflects the reputation and quality of Daisy Pool Covers products and service
  • Must not promote multiple brands of the same product
  • Must use current, approved Daisy Pool Covers™ imagery
  • If advertising a specific product, on its own or part of a package, must list the Daisy Pool Covers™ recommended retail price or no advertised price
  • Must include product features

Please refer to this Dealer Guide regularly and uphold the integrity of the Daisy Pool Covers™ brand and product range.

We thank you for your assistance in helping customers have the best possible online purchase experience.


Daisy Summer Pay Back

Daisy Summer Payback Promotion
Terms and Conditions

  1. Instructions on how to enter, prize details and other information contained within the digital assets of Daisy Pool Covers form part of these terms and conditions. By participating, in this promotion entrants agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  2. The Promoter is Daisy Pool Covers.
  3. Competition entries are valid when a purchase is made of a domestic Daisy Pool Cover from September 2019 to February 2020 and the customer registers their warranty with Daisy Pool Covers through the competition website
  4. All registrations must occur through
  5. No other entry methods are valid for this competition.
  6. Entry is open to all residents of Australia over the age of 18.
  7. There are five winners. One per month of October, November, December in 2019, and January and February 2020.
  8. Winners will receive the amount they paid for their Daisy Pool Cover back, up to the value of $1,000.
  9. Entries are only valid to be drawn in the month that the registration occurred.
  10. All additional costs incurred will be at the expense of the winner.
  11. Commercial, trade or direct sales are not eligible.
  12. The winners will be announced on Daisy Pool Covers’ Facebook Page after the Winners are identified, and will be notified by email.
  13. Payment of the prize will be arranged directly between the winning people and Daisy Pool Covers.
  14. It is a condition of entry that all prize winners agree to have their details published for publicity purposes if required. By participating in this competition, participants signify their acceptance of all conditions and the requirement to participate in promotional activity if required.
  15. On completion of the Campaign, records which contain the competition entries will be kept by Daisy Pool Covers for twelve months.
  16. Employees of Daisy Pool Covers and their associated agencies and immediate families, are ineligible to enter.
  17. All participants release from, and indemnify Daisy Pool Covers against, all liability, cost, loss or expense arising out of acceptance of any prize(s) or participation in the competition including (but not limited to) loss of income, personal injury and damage to property and whether direct or consequential, foreseeable, due to some negligent act or omission or otherwise.
  18. Daisy Pool Covers and associated agencies accept no responsibility for any loss, damage, accident, death or injury resulting from the promotion.
  19. Entry into this competition signifies acceptance of all conditions. The Promoters’ decision will be final and cannot be contested. No correspondence will be entered into. The Promoters reserve the right to limit entry or amend rules if considered necessary without notice.
  20. Daisy Pool Covers, ACN 20055862774) and its related entities are collecting your personal information for the purpose of conducting and promoting this Competition, including for the purpose of identifying and notifying winners and understanding our audiences. Daisy Pool Covers may disclose the entrant’s personal information to their related entities, business partners and external service providers for research and profiling purposes as well as other purposes reasonably related to the entrant’s relationship with them.