New Summer Installations

WOW what a summer it’s been already! We have still been very busy and so many people have had new swimming pool covers and rollers installed, we thought we’d share some of the more unique ones with you.

Variety Bash 2019 is on!

Managing Director of Daisy Pool Covers, Derek Prince, has been a long time supporter of Variety: The Children’s Charity.

The main reason Derek and Daisy Pool Covers support this worthy cause is because the money raised goes to underfunded children in need. Variety helps the people in need that slip through the cracks or simply don’t get enough funding.

The awesome thing about Variety events is the donations go straight to the charity for the children and their families in need, no donations go towards participants and their expenses. The participants fund themselves which is why Derek and Shannon can boldly ask for donations knowing that all money will make a huge difference.

Participants like Derek, Shannon and their team in Car #18 get to see some of the donated money going to work even when they are on the Variety challenges and attending events!

Derek, Shannon and Car #18 will be departing on the 2019 Variety Bash on August 23rd and plan to raise a lot of money! If you feel inclined to support this worthy cause, please ensure you write Bash Car18 on the donation.

Click here to donate and for more information (Please write Bash Car#18 on your donation).

Click here for the event and fundraising information.

Donations to Variety: The Children’s Charity are tax deductible. Payments can be made as follows:
Cheque payments should be drawn in favour of Variety WA.
Electronic Fund Transfers can be directed to Westpac Bank: BSB 036-037 | ACC 34 6499

Please nominate Bash Car #18 as the beneficiary of your donation and send an email with your name and reference and contact details for a receipt to An official receipt will be issued for all donations over $2 received.

Funds raised by the participants in the 2019 Variety Bash will help Variety provide practical equipment, programs and experiences to empower WA children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs to live, laugh and learn.


Daisy and Smart WaterMark’s pledge to Buy a Bale still going

The Smart Approved WaterMark fundraising initiative for Buy a Bale is still going strong.
Daisy will match any donations made to Smart Approved WaterMark’s fund for Buy a Bale.

We are looking forward to raising as much money as we can so that farmers in need can have some relief with water, food, hay, diesel and other helpful items in these tough times.

Want to know why this initiative is so important?
Here it is from Buy a Bale’s point of view:

If you would like to donate, click here

Variety WA 4WD Challenge – Complete!

Well, we have our Managing Director Derek back in one piece!
Derek and his friend Marshall have just completed the Variety WA 4WD Challenge to the red centre, Uluru.

They started in Kalgoorlie and had a week of tough terrain, amazing scenery and great entertainment while raising money for the Variety kids. Before they left, Derek and Marshall raised over $13,000 for the charity

The trek took them along tracks from WA’s The Great Central Road, to the Gun Barrel Hwy, around the ‘Rock’ then through the Finke George in the NT before finishing at Kings Canyon.
Some tough driving and a long way home…all worth it when they can raise so much money as a group for the underfunded Variety WA children.

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Variety WA Fundraiser

Every year our Managing Director Derek Prince completes a Variety event to support the Variety kids.

This year Derek will enter the Variety 4WD Challenge in car #49. The Red Centre Adventure is an overland trek from Kalgoorlie to Kings Canyon and Uluru.

Derek and his partner in crime Marshall are having a fundraiser on May 11th to raise much needed funds for the kids.

We appreciate that many can’t attend the fundraiser (if you are interested, email, if you wanted to support Derek in car #49 follow this link to donate directly to Variety WA and ensure you put your name and Car #49 in your notes when paying. You will also receive a fully tax deductible receipt.

If you would like more details, please email Derek directly:



Keep safe with pool chemicals this summer

4 important tips to keep you safe

Without getting too technical about pool chemicals, you would have heard words like: disinfectants, oxidising agents, stabilisers and sanitising agents, along with good old chlorine.

There are some chemicals that have the ability to react with each other with some pretty nasty effects including fire and explosions. These reactions can be spontaneous at either room temperature or with slight heating.

Some pool chemicals can also be corrosive to both metal and our body. The effect on human tissue and metals depends on the chemical and the concentration so we want you to be as safe as possible to enjoy your pool. Here are four important tips to keep you safe:

  1. Always read chemical labels
  2. Never mix chemicals, even if they are the same brand
  3. Always add chemicals to water… not the other way around
  4. NEVER smoke around pool chemicals.

The chemicals used in and around your pool are perfectly safe to use if they are stored in a well ventilated cool dry place in closed containers out of the reach of children (and pets) and when handled correctly with appropriate personal protective equipment (especially glasses and gloves). We want to help make sure there are no nasty accidents so you can enjoy your pool with minimal fuss. Take care when handling all chemicals and always wash your hands with plenty of fresh water when you have finished and please especially avoid contact with your skin and eyes.

Remember… if you are not 100% sure how to handle any of your pool chemicals see your local pool shop for all the correct advice. Stay safe.

There has been some media attention around pools and adding chemicals; watch this video

Expert Tip: Make sure you have your resuscitation chart clear and visible in your pool area, not only in many parts of Australia it is a requirement, it can help you in a time of need to avoid panic and give lifesaving help.

Budding WA creatives inspired by Daisy pool cover offcuts

Budding WA creatives inspired by Daisy pool cover offcuts

Daisy donates its pool cover offcuts to not-for-profit REmida WA to reduce its environmental footprint.

The old saying ‘one man’s trash, is another man’s treasure’ is certainly a proven truth in the re-use industry.

Over the last year Daisy donated each month a truckload full of pool cover offcuts and material to REmida WA, a not-for-profit education centre that collects clean and safe resources from local manufacturers which are used for childhood education, to enable imagination to blossom in a learning environment.

Daisy’s donations have ranged from pool cover offcuts and cardboard tubing to tie strings and rope spools. According to REmida WA General Manager Eden Lennox the vibrant colours and squishy texture of Daisy Pool Cover offcuts make them one of REmida’s top five most popular collected items. They are child safe, tactile and feel good for the kids!

Ms Lennox added that pool covers are always well liked and creatively reused in play space areas in primary schools, day care centres and at festivals like the Perth Writer’s and Beaufort Street Festivals, as well as at their own creative workshops.

REmida collects discarded materials from a selection of industrial areas around Perth and last year collected a total of 400m2 worth of product.

“We really value Daisy’s contributions – pool covers are an exciting and inspirational product for us and they are perfect because they come in larger shapes and sizes,” Ms Lennox said.

“Daisy represents one of the few industries that have really embraced the recycling aspect of manufacturing. They understand the idea of ‘reuse’ which is important because pool covers are a non-recyclable product that would otherwise go to landfill,” she said.

“We are also always well received by Daisy and their staff are always enthusiastic about helping us out which is quite rare, and appreciated as our business is managed by up to about 25 volunteers.”

Daisy Managing Director Derek Prince visited the REmida warehouse this week to find out what goes on behind the scenes of the hardworking collection truck:

“REmida is a great initiative to be involved with as they work tirelessly to turn manufacturing waste into a resource and helping companies like us reduce their environmental footprint – this is what Daisy is passionate about,” Mr Prince said.

“We donate all we can and recycle most of the waste we generate as well,” he said.

“REmida’s group of volunteers are so dedicated to the job and do really well in encouraging community members to reuse discarded material to create something beautiful and I’m glad to be a part of it,” he added.

“Last year’s Beaufort Street Festival peacock and the aquatic diorama created recently by one of our local WA schools were really creative and is satisfying to see our Daisy pool cover offcuts being put to good use!”

Besides pools covers, other top donations include silver tape, rubber blocks, coloured paper products, fabrics, vinyls and cardboard tubes. Among the zaniest items ever received by REmida are 1.3m bear skins and hot pink and bright yellow coloured sticky tubular plastic moulds from injection plastic moulding.

A call out to other manufacturer suppliers! If you are a local manufacturer and have, or know one that has, any industry waste that can potentially be re-used, then please contact REmida WA for a free collection.

Donations are processed, sorted into colours, cut down to useable sizes and displayed in shelving in the REmida warehouse in West Perth so members can see the beauty of the items.

Member teachers and day care carers pay an annual membership fee to gain access to materials at any time. Members tend to adapt and design their classes depending on what’s available at the time.

About REmida WA

REmida was founded around the Italian Reggio Emilia Learning philosophy which originated in the Province of Reggio Emilia in Italy where the whole community is involved in the re-use of industry products. REmida is mostly involved with alternative thinking schools in WA where the Reggio Emilia philosophy is encouraged in their childhood education curriculum.

The organisation has been involved with at least 160-170 schools since their inception in 2004 and have seen a significant increase in the number of day care centres utilising their service.

REmida on Facebook

Community support for Fitzgibbon’s Jett Corson

Jett Corson, who suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, is an inspiration to most people. His optimism and hard work was recognised six months ago, with the gift of a pool donated and specially built with the support of the community. Today, the community support continues for Jett with a further donation from Australia’s largest supplier of pool covers and rollers, Daisy Pool Covers & Rollers and national pool retailer Clark Rubber.

Jett’s mother Susan Anderson said “having the pool accessible at home has enabled Jett to do his hydrotherapy exercises over the last six months more easily. The special ramp has meant that he can get in and out of the pool himself which gives him both motivation and independence.”

“He’s been in the pool at least four to five times a week, even when it rains because it’s heated” she said. “It has really made a difference with his general mobility, weight stability and loosening his stiff and sore muscles”.

Realising the benefits of pool covers in helping to keep the heat in and save on heating costs, Jett’s parents welcomed the new pool cover and roller from Daisy.

“It will make an incredible difference and will lessen the expense of running the heater and chemicals needed to keep the pool in check, as well as help with water evaporation.” Susan said. “We’re so thankful and humbled by the generosity of Daisy and Clark Rubber getting involved and offering their support.”

Daisy Managing Director Derek Prince said Daisy was honoured to be involved.

“We wanted to help Jett and the donation of a Daisy Pool Cover will help keep the pool at optimum temperatures and minimise the family’s expenses and time” Derek said.

Clark Rubber Virginia Manager Michael Young also donated his time to install the Daisy Pool Cover and Roller.