Daisy Are Open for Business

Without inundating your inbox with yet another supplier Covid-19 update, we just wanted to reassure you that Daisy is in an operational position at this point in time.

We are doing all we need to keep our staff safe and everyone we come in contact with as safe as possible in these uncharted times.
This update is to keep you informed of what we, as a part of an essential service sector are doing to keep you supplied with pool covers and rollers.

Daisy Pool Covers is operating as normal and all orders are being processed, manufactured and dispatched in standard time frames. All of our transport companies are fully operational in normal capacity and they are taking their own social distancing measures. However, all intrastate and interstate deliveries are being completed as normal other than the possibility of a slight delay in delivery time for the new hygiene and social distancing measures.

All orders are being dispatched and delivered, regardless of where you are.Social-CV12
The only operational change is our Area Managers have been grounded and all travel has been cancelled.
All installers are continuing to complete their jobs, when we book jobs we are informing consumers that we are conducting installs without contact and maintaining our hygiene when leaving the site.

Like everyone else, we are requesting anyone that is not 100% healthy to please stay home.
The good news is all 100mm tubes are now in stock and all back orders have been dispatched.

Stock flow is reliable, and while it looks as if the China crisis is over, the supply chain has returned to normal as all imports are now flowing as normal.
Pool Covers have never been affected as they are totally Australian-made products and we have always had a reliable supply.
The only slight delay in tubes is now 125mm that are due in the first weeks of April.
All standard domestic cover and roller orders are back to the standard 2 day lead time to dispatch.

In this time of crisis and uncertainty we all need to be mindful of our cash flow, Daisy included. We will continue to run our standard trading terms however, if you are having problems with paying us please contact us early so we can work out payment plans. Daisy, along with the industry, needs reliable cash flow to survive. In saying this, we will have to be strict with our settlement terms to minimise our exposure to bad debt losses.

We thank you all for your understanding and support during these unique times.

Water Restrictions for Sydney Commence June 1

Water restrictions will be enforced in Sydney on June 1st for the first time in a decade.

We have the following information from SPASA NSW on the water restrictions announced by the State Government:

The Premier of NSW has announced Level 1 Water Restrictions will commence June 1 under the state’s Metropolitan Water Plan even as the Sydney Desalination Plant ramps up towards full capacity.

Sydney Water have said the city’s dams have fallen faster over the past two years than during the Millennium Drought, with inflows at levels not seen since the 1940s.

Water restrictions will apply to everyone in Sydney, the Blue Mountains and the Illawarra.  This includes both residents and businesses.

SPASA has been working hard with Sydney Water to ensure they have a better understanding of how the swimming pool and spa industry operates as well as advocate to limit the impact on swimming pool and spa businesses and owners.

Click here for the Ministerial Release.

Level 1 water restrictions:

  • You can’t leave a hose unattended, unless you are topping up a pool
  • You will need a permit to fill a new or renovated pool or spa greater than 10,000 litres. Having a pool cover that is *endorsed by the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Australia (SPASA) is a condition of the permit 
  • Your hose must have a trigger nozzle, wand or other attachment with an instant on-off mechanism, and you need to water your lawns and gardens before 10am or after 4pm
  • The use of sprinklers and watering systems is not permitted, except for drip irrigation systems or automated watering systems with controllers that automatically adjust watering details based on changing soil moisture or weather conditions
  • Hosing hard surfaces like paths and driveways is not permitted. However, you can always spot clean areas for health and safety reasons, or in an emergency
  • You can only wash vehicles, boats and buildings with a bucket, a hose fitted with a trigger nozzle or high-pressure cleaning equipment

* Endorsed means under SPASA’s Climate Care Certified program.

Level 1 exclusions:

Exclusions are a list of water sources and uses where restrictions don’t apply. There is no need to apply for these, and they available to everyone. The following are excluded from the restrictions:

  • Topping up swimming pools to replace water lost through normal use, including evaporation
  • Recycled water (from non-potable pipework)
  • Greywater
  • Bore water and water taken from rivers
  • Rainwater (as long as the tank/dam isn’t topped up from, or switched to, the drinking water supply)
  • Water parks
  • Water used for firefighting, testing and related activities
  • Water used for dust suppression & concrete mixing
  • Auto (drive through) car washes
  • Flushing boat engines and using hoses with trigger nozzles/high pressure cleaning equipment to clean bilges and essential safety components on boat trailers such as brakes and wheels
  • Drip irrigation systems, or automated watering systems incorporating soil moisture sensors
  • Watering of newly laid turf by handheld hose or sprinkler for a period of 7 days from date of installation

More information on Water Restrictions can be found here.

Daisy Pool Covers are Climate Care Certified by SPASA, see our license here.

Pool, Spa Outdoor Living Expo

Come and see us in Brisbane on May 26-27 for the Pool Spa & Outdoor Living Expo. We’ll be in the Brisbane Showgrounds Exhibition Building on stand D44.

We’ll have plenty of new things to show you and look forward to seeing you there!

Every ticket to the show includes access to free seminars held each day as well as a copy of Queensland Pool + Outdoor Design Magazine.

Click here to book your tickets.



Creative campaign helps build retailer confidence

Pool industry’s creative campaign made a splash helping build retailer confidence against current trends

In the pool leisure industry, businesses are not selling products like chlorine, pumps or pool covers… they are selling lifestyle, fun and enjoyment in their customers’ back yard. When over two thirds of Australians make their buying decisions using the internet, businesses like Daisy need to more than ever be able to influence buying decisions online, as well as offline. This requires an integrated strategy using all media as well as a relevant campaign to engage the target audience.

According to Daisy Pool Covers and Rollers Managing Director Derek Prince, Daisy’s 2014/15 summer campaign #bestsplashchallenge, which officially closed at the end of January with the Grand Prize winner announced this week, tackled this head on.

“The #bestsplashchallenge utilised a pull and push strategy and engaged end customers as well as our retail channel. We built an online audience around fun in the backyard pool by encouraging people to do what we all do… jump in and make a splash! Our customers were reached through the social media Challenge to create the best splash ever and win by getting the most likes on Facebook or Instagram,” Derek said.

Daisy also supported retailers through in-store point of sale material and driving sales to their store through social media. Many retailers got involved promoting the Challenge as well as having a bit of fun.

Southside Pool Services, based in Cannington WA, was the Daisy retailer from which the January and Grand Prize winner Rebecca McLevie collected her prize so Owner Peter Schmidt said he was grateful for the opportunity for the extra promotional exposure and potentially a new customer for his store.

“We were delighted at the chance to be involved with this creative promotional campaign over the last few months, it has really helped build great awareness of our store,” said Peter.

“The combination of social media with the relevant campaign idea was spot-on given their target market is young families around Australia,” he said.

“The number of entrants over the three months exceeded our expectations, the exposure of the challenge to consumers was also beyond our expectations, and the interaction with our consumers was absolutely fantastic,” said Derek.

Read Pool + Spa article here.

Community support for Fitzgibbon’s Jett Corson

Jett Corson, who suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, is an inspiration to most people. His optimism and hard work was recognised six months ago, with the gift of a pool donated and specially built with the support of the community. Today, the community support continues for Jett with a further donation from Australia’s largest supplier of pool covers and rollers, Daisy Pool Covers & Rollers and national pool retailer Clark Rubber.

Jett’s mother Susan Anderson said “having the pool accessible at home has enabled Jett to do his hydrotherapy exercises over the last six months more easily. The special ramp has meant that he can get in and out of the pool himself which gives him both motivation and independence.”

“He’s been in the pool at least four to five times a week, even when it rains because it’s heated” she said. “It has really made a difference with his general mobility, weight stability and loosening his stiff and sore muscles”.

Realising the benefits of pool covers in helping to keep the heat in and save on heating costs, Jett’s parents welcomed the new pool cover and roller from Daisy.

“It will make an incredible difference and will lessen the expense of running the heater and chemicals needed to keep the pool in check, as well as help with water evaporation.” Susan said. “We’re so thankful and humbled by the generosity of Daisy and Clark Rubber getting involved and offering their support.”

Daisy Managing Director Derek Prince said Daisy was honoured to be involved.

“We wanted to help Jett and the donation of a Daisy Pool Cover will help keep the pool at optimum temperatures and minimise the family’s expenses and time” Derek said.

Clark Rubber Virginia Manager Michael Young also donated his time to install the Daisy Pool Cover and Roller.

Attention NSW Pool Owners

Attention all our NSW fans:

Time is running out for New South Wales swimming and spa pool owners to register their pools with the state or local government – you only have until 29 October! Failing to register means fines, and could impact your ability to sell or lease your house.

For more information, check the NSW pool registration website.


QLD Water Commission Ceases

From 1 January 2013, the Queensland Water Commission ceased operations.

The Queensland Water Commission provided independent policy advice to Government on South East Queensland regional water security, demand and supply options.

Its policy functions moved to the Department of Energy and Water Supply (DEWS) and its planning and regulatory functions (including setting water restrictions) are now the responsibility of the new bulk water supply authority, SEQwater, and the SEQ council water businesses (distributor-retailers).

Water restrictions and efficiency management plans

The last remaining water restrictions in South East Queensland (SEQ) were lifted on 1 January 2013.

The government, together with SEQwater and the SEQ Council water businesses will consider and develop a new long-term restriction framework and consult with the SEQ community.

The requirement for water efficiency management plans (WEMPs) for large water-using businesses was also lifted on 1 January 2013. However, water service providers will contact businesses directly about any changes or local requirements.

The amended Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008 allows SEQ water service providers to impose restrictions or require WEMPs where they consider these necessary.

The water savings targets for new houses and commercial and industrial buildings, which included rainwater tanks, have been reviewed. Changes to the water savings targets in Queensland Development Code MP4.2 and 4.3 are expected in 2013. More information about water saving targets can be found on the Department of Housing and Public Works website.

Water security

From 1 January 2013 SEQwater is responsible for the operation of all bulk water infrastructure.

SEQwater will be required to develop a water security program for SEQ. The desired levels of service will be set out in the System Operating Plan (SOP) Version 5 (PDF, 374KB). SOP version 5 will continue to apply until a regulation is made prescribing the revised desired levels of service.

The SEQ water market and market rules / Bulk Water Supply Code

The Bulk Water Supply Code regulates the supply of bulk services such as the supply of water and water services from 1 January 2013. The Bulk Water Supply Code was made by the Minister for Energy and Water Supply under section 360M of the Water Act 2000. The Code replaces the SEQ water market rules.

Customer code and wastewater code

The Amendments made by the SEQ Water (Restructuring) and Other Legislation Amendment 2012 have omitted the responsibility of the QWC to advise the Minister on the Customer Water and Wastewater code. DEWS is responsible for the code from 1 January 2013.

Tamworth Rebate

Tamworth Regional Council has introduced a $100 Daisy pool cover rebate through its Residential Water Saver Rebate Scheme.

The Daisy pool cover rebate is for 50% or up to $100.

The guide lines for the rebate state the pool cover needs to be Smart Approved Watermarked. All Daisy pool covers are Smart Approved Watermarked so all comply.

Click here for further information on the rebate.

The rebate is in place until 28th February 2014.