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We will be open for business all over the Christmas and New Year period other than the public holidays and Monday 24th & 31st December.

Open for business over the holidays, will still be manufacturing and dispatching all over the period however the freight companies can get a little unreliable over this time.

Do you need your order delivered before Christmas?

Orders for pre-Christmas deliveries should be placed by Thursday 13th December to ensure production and dispatch by Monday 17th December. Delivery schedules will vary depending on location. Transport timetables should be back to normal from the 6th January.

The Effect of Swimming Pool Temperature on Your Workout


Swimming is an excellent sport that provides beneficial cardiovascular exercise with zero impact, as you likely already know. But, did you know that water temperature can affect the quality of your swimming workout?


There is very a good reason that the Olympics require that swimming pools used for sporting events maintain a temperature of 25-28 Celsius. Even if you aren’t an Olympian, the temperature of your swimming pool affects the quality and health of your workout in the water.


Swimming in cold water that is below 25 Degrees can increase the risk of hypothermia. Water at this temperature or below can quickly induce shock due to hypothermia. While tolerance for low water temperatures varies according to each individual swimmer, after a long enough duration, everyone may experience symptoms. The very young and the elderly experience increased risks.


Swimming in warm pool water conveys many health benefits. Even for the casual swimmer, spending time in a warmer pool can increase your metabolism and it increases further as you become more active in the water. Overall performance improves when the pool temperature is within the recommended range. Additionally, warm water can soothe aching muscles and joints that were exerted in other sports. To make the most out of your swimming routine, swim those laps in a well-regulated pool.


The Australian sun can only help your pool stay warm to a certain point. If you enjoy an early morning dip, you may find the water too frigid. A pool cover helps to maintain the optimal pool temperature at all times. When you are ready to take the plunge, you can get the most out of your swim.


Daisy Pool Covers has developed their premium range of Series 525 UltraDome+ pool covers that provide maximum heat retention and durability. Protecting your pool in this way will help you get the best quality and most comfortable use out of it. The more you and your loved ones enjoy spending time in comfort in the pool, the more frequently your pool will be used. Why not make the most out of your investment?


Below Ground Cover Boxes a Big Hit!

Since their launch earlier this year, the Daisy Below Ground Boxes have been selling extremely well.

For those wanting a clutter-free pool area or have a smaller pool yard, the Below Ground Box is a great investment and is so easy to use, see our new video here:

Customers can add value to their home while hiding their cover and maximising the space in their backyard.

Daisy’s Below Ground Boxes are full aluminium with anodised aluminium lids and come with a 5-year pro-rata warranty.

As the trend turns to more stylish pool cover options, we’ve also got the Under Bench Roller that allows poolside seating as well as hiding your pool cover and roller! Click here for more info on the UBR, pictured.

Summer Payback October Winner!

We are steaming ahead with production during this busy season!

Thank you to everyone for supporting the Summer Payback campaign. We recently announced the October winner, who purchased their Daisy Pool Cover from Clark Rubber in Cannington, WA.

Congratulations to Ruth who has had her pool for 30 years, and her trusty WinterKleen is still going but Ruth wanted to enjoy warmer water so she could enjoy her pool for more of the year. Erin from Clark Rubber helped her decide on a solar cover. Funnily enough, Erin chased after Ruth when she left to remind her to register her warranty to go in the running to win her purchase back.

Ruth said, “I’m an old fart and don’t know the first thing about technology but from what I can remember the process was very easy to enter, and now look – I won!”

Congratulations again to Ruth, we hope you enjoy your extended swimming season with your new Daisy Pool Cover.

The Summer Payback campaign will run until the end of February 2019, with four more monthly winners to be announced!

Click here for more information on the Daisy Summer Payback promotion.

Daisy Becomes the First Climate Care Certified Pool Cover

Daisy Pool Covers are the first pool cover to be Climate Care Certified by SPASA.

We love helping Aussies ensure their pools are environmentally responsible by saving water, chemicals and time with our range of Ultradome Pool Covers.

At Daisy, we work hard to ensure our pool covers are the most economically sensible and to make sure people know it’s OK to have a swimming pool because, with a Daisy Pool Cover, you can be environmentally responsibly while enjoying your backyard.

What can a Daisy do for your pool?

No evaporation means sustainable and responsible water use
Increased pool use throughout the year by warming your pool up and KEEPING it warm
Reduce your chemical use, saving you money
More time to spend IN your pool, not cleaning it with less dirt and debris in your pool thanks to your Daisy

Visit SPASA for more information on Climate Care Certified products and what they can do for you.

Summer Payback in Full Swing

Daisy Summer Payback Provides Win-Win For Customers

Our Summer Payback Campaign for 2018/19 has had an awesome response so far, thank you to all those that are getting behind this campaign.

We have already awarded our September winner, Chris who purchased his pool cover from Swimart Aspley in QLD.

The pool industry is a fun, lifestyle-led industry and that is why we are making it more fun with a Summer Pay Back, where a lucky consumer will win their Daisy Pool Cover Purchase back – one EVERY Month from September to February.

Customers who purchase a Daisy Pool Cover from September 2018 to February 2019 will go in the draw to win their purchase back once they have registered their warranty, to the value of $1,000.

The mechanics of this promotion are as follows:

Consumer purchases a Daisy Pool Cover
They go to
They enter their name and email on this page to be taken to the Daisy Register Warranty Page
One National winner drawn each month (six winners total)

Enclosed is a pad of A5 leaflets to hand out to consumers when they purchase a Daisy cover from you.

This campaign is being supported across the country by digital marketing including social media and display advertising.

Thank you for supporting this summer promotion.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information.


“For A Chance To Win Your Purchase Back, Follow These Steps”

1.  Consumer purchase a Daisy Pool Cover

2.  They go to

3.  They enter their name and email on this page to be taken to the Daisy Register Warranty Page

One National winner is drawn each month (six winners total)

Daisy & Smart Approved Watermark Drought Relief Fundraising

Daisy Pool Covers has pledged up to $5,000 to match the donations made to Smart Approved WaterMark’s fund for Buy a Bale drought relief.

Together, we are passionate about helping the rural communities affected by drought and would love your help supporting RuralAid in this amazing initiative.

Derek Prince, Managing Director of Daisy Pool Covers says, “This is such a tough time for our farmers and rural communities and we are excited to partner with Smart Approved Watermark and RuralAid on bringing much needed supplies to these areas in their time of need.”

We are encouraging all Australians (wherever they live) to donate $20 or more to the campaign so that together we can get water and hay to Aussie Farmers in peril.

We will match whatever donations are received by Smart Approved WaterMark (up to $5,000) – that’s 230,000 litres of water being delivered to farmers in need or nearly 1 full semi-trailer of hay. If we reach this target, that would mean together we’d get to deliver 460,000 litres of water or nearly 2 semi-trailers of hay.

Any donations over $2 are tax deductible so we ask all of those who can, please donate to this worthy cause.

Click here to donate.

Thank you for your support,

Covering Your Pool in Winter

Winter is definitely here so now is the time to think about how you can prepare your pool for the colder months. A common question pool owners have about caring for their pool in Winter is whether they should keep it covered.

And the answer is, yes.

Covering your pool during Winter

Prevents heat loss: a cover will save you up to 50 per cent on heating costs. This is because evaporation is the major source of heat loss for swimming pools, therefore a pool cover will extend your swimming season in to Autumn and Spring by increasing the pool temperature by around 6-8 degrees (in pools that get the sun).

– Keeps leaves and debris out: by keeping your pool water clean, a pool cover drastically reduces the number of times your pool will need backwashing.

– Minimise chemical evaporation: keeping your pool covered also reduces the amount of chemical usage by stopping chemical evaporation into the atmosphere.

– Prevents evaporation: pool covers prevent water evaporation so they are one of the best things you can do around the pool to preserve your pool water.

Overall, an uncovered pool with cost you far more over the span of a few short years than a simple pool cover.

Visit to see our range.

How much will a Daisy pool cover heat the water?

Did you know that by simply putting a Daisy on the pool, you will stop over 97% of evaporation?

This means with a Daisy Pool Cover, you’ll stop evaporation and water loss which means massive benefits for the consumer’s wallet. Not only will they save money, but the Daisy will warm up the pool.
Warmer water means a longer and much more enjoyable swimming season. A Daisy Pool Cover will heat the pool up to an extra 8°C and then insulate the pool to maintain that heat overnight.

It’s always win-win-win with Daisy: stop evaporation, save water and swim longer!

Check out our FAQ section for more information.

Summer is just around the corner…and it looks like a beauty!

The Daisy team have been busy with the off season trade shows and conferences and are pumped that the industry is feeling very optimistic this time of year looking to the summer ahead. The people we’ve seen lately are looking at this season ahead as one of the big ones!

With a more stable economy, consumers are looking to improve their backyards and opening their wallets with more confidence that an investment into their home will bring them years of fun family time and give them a better lifestyle.

The Daisy summer campaign is about to be launched and will leverage the consumer’s desire to have an inviting, warm pool that will increase their swimming season as well as promote water usage awareness around the country. We are targeting consumers to educate them on “Why every pool needs a Daisy” and encouraging them to buy from you.
Are you ready?

We are launching this campaign to bring an uplift in sales and installations as well as raise the profile of Daisy Pool Covers in store. What do you need from us? Contact your local Daisy Area manager to arrange in store Point of Sale and any training and support you require to make this season the ripper it’s bound to be!

Phone: 1300 55 18 11

Or your local Daisy Area Manager
Lee Ph: 0400686026
Shannon Ph: 0419099032
Brett Ph: 0429568500
John Ph: 0417914295