Why choose Winterkleen?

This month’s latest collection of Winterkleen Pool Covers featuring our new colours tan & grey. Any pool, any size and any shape – Daisy can help!

Blue with raised spa section made as one cover for this customer in Woolooware NSW

A green Winterkleen cover working as a beautiful pop of colour over the off season in Woolwich NSW

The Grey Winterkleen cover showing off it’s colour against the contrasting landscape in North Willoghby NSW

A beautiful black deck fitting with custom ladder cutouts

A new Winterkleen Tan cover to suit the beautiful surrounds in Byford WA

Daisy Cover and Roller Installations Update

We have put together a collection of recent updates to showcase the covers and rollers the Daisy team have installed. Any pool, any size and any shape – Daisy can help!

An A75 Roller with one leg behind the wall, still allowing for an easy recover.

An A75 Roller with a Balinese style backyard setting.

A 525 Titanium Green in a stunning garden setting.

The other angle of this WA backyard.

A Titanium Blue cover with a Western Red Cedar Under Bench Roller.

A WinterKleen Blue Debris Cover with the ladder steps cut out and cover goes over the wall.

Daisy 2021/22 Price Update

The team at Daisy Pool covers has worked hard to minimise price movements over the years. This year, due to a number of factors outside of Daisy Pool Covers control, we have had to, unfortunately, increase the pricing of some products for the 2021/22 season.

To provide some context, some of the external price pressures the business has been exposed to include:

  • Raw material increases (including, but not limited to, an increase in commodities prices, specifically a 4X price increase in aluminium so far this year)
  • Stronger US dollar (this also affects WinterKleen as it comes out of US)
  • Increased shipping line rates (since COVID, there has been a massive increase in shipping line rates, somewhere between 50 to 80% – this is coupled with reduced container availability that is also pushing up costs)
  • Increases in local freight costs

In 2020/21, Daisy Pool Covers was able to absorb increased costs on rollers which allowed us to delay a price increase. This year, however, we have had to include a price increase on the Daisy Roller range. 

Other products that will be affected include: 

  1. Thermotec Pool Covers
  2. WinterKleen Pool Covers
  3. Non-metro freight pricing

At Daisy Pool Covers, we continue to do what we can to manage pricing across our range. So there is good news for our Australian-made Solar Pool Covers. As they are all made here in Australia, at our two manufacturing facilities in Perth and Sydney, we can continue to hold the prices on the entire Solar Pool Cover range.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your Daisy representative – our Daisy team are always on hand to help.

New Robotic Pre-Cut Pool Cover Machine in WA

Recently, a brand new pre-cut machine was installed in the Daisy WA Factory. 

This now allows pre-cut covers to be robotically cut and delivered on both the West Coast and East Coast, ensuring pre-cut covers can be delivered much faster in WA. 

Pre-cut covers can be ordered and made when the customer knows their fibreglass pool builder and pool size/name. 

Pre-cut covers save time in double handling. Not to mention that they give a perfect fit. The installer can install the cover onto the roller right after the pool is installed, even when there is no water in the pool! And now we can dispatch from both Perth and Sydney to service all of Australia more efficiently.

Check out the video below of the first pool cover to be cut on the new machine and table:

Daisy’s WA Head Office has Moved!

Daisy Pool Covers is moving its WA Warehouse and Head Office to a much larger facility in Welshpool.

“The time came where Daisy’s WA Operations had outgrown the current facility, and we’re very excited about our new premises and what that will mean for Daisy Pool Covers going forward,” says Derek Prince, Managing Director.

“Not only does it allow us to manufacture more pool covers and rollers, it also allows us to store more raw materials, meaning lead times may be reduced during peak periods.”

The new facility is located at 8 Granite Place, Welshpool and Daisy Pool Covers are officially in the new premises from February 1st.

All other contact information will remain the same.

Utilising Waste to Create a More Sustainable Pool Cover

At Daisy Pool Covers, we are committed to providing sustainable pool covers to Australian pool owners.

Daisy Pool Covers recover all industrial scrap so that it can be made into new pool covers. The post-industrial material (pictured) is sent to Sealed Air (who produce the Daisy Pool Cover Ultradome Bubble material) to be made back into pool cover material.

With that in mind, we are proud to say that a minimum of 15% of each new pool cover is made of post-industrial recycling content.

This allows the Daisy solar pool covers to be a sustainable, circular product with minimal waste.

Daisy pool covers are recyclable under code 4 LDPE (low density polyethylene).

Daisy aims to continually look at ways that we can recycle more, reduce our waste to ensure we are creating the most sustainable product possible for pool owners, so they can rest easy by their pool knowing that, by choosing Daisy Pool Covers, they are doing their bit for the environment.

PASCAA & SPASA Merger Complete

Daisy Pool Covers are happy to see that the Pool and Spa Covers Association of Australia (PASCAA) has completed the merger with the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Australia (SPASA). The finalisation of the merger has established the Pool and Spa Covers of Australia (PASCA) advisory group.

The industry’s peak body, SPASA represents the swimming pool and spa market across Australasia, while PASCAA is a collaboration of leading Australian manufacturers and fabricators of pool and spa covers.

Derek Prince, Vice-President of PASCAA, says that PASCAA is proud to merge with the peak industry body.

“SPASA Australia set out to and has achieved their clear goals to build our national industry body and PASCAA has seen the importance of one body to unify our swimming pool industry. This merger will deliver a better outcome for the swimming pool industry and ultimately the consumer.”

Since the announcement in February 2020 that the two associations intended to unify, work has undergone meet the goal to better support the present and future needs of the industry.

“SPASA actively seeks to represent and deliver benefits to all sectors of the industry in every region,” says Lindsay McGrath, SPASA CEO. “This merger another step in providing a better result for our members.”

“This group of SPASA members, like many of our advisory groups, provides specific insights and knowledge that directly contributes to policy development and advocacy programs,” says McGrath

“I see these members having the success we have seen from other advocacy groups such as fibreglass manufacture, heat pump and solar committees who have recently been involved in the initiation and updating of Australian and new standards,” he says.

Stefan Ossenberg, SPASA chairman, and Derek Prince, PASCAA vice president, jointly issued the following statement: “SPASA and PASCAA are dedicated to the service of our industry. As the aquatics industry continues to evolve, the association must keep up with the demands of members, regulators and consumers. We are excited to build a vision where we can achieve even more together.”


NEW! 350 illusion Pool Cover

At the start of August, Daisy Pool Covers released the new 350i Pool Cover under their Cost Effective range.

The 350 illusion is a solar pool cover that takes on the natural colour of your pool while still saving 97% of water evaporation, saving chemicals, money and time.

Derek Prince from Daisy Pool Covers says, “We’re really excited to launch this solar pool cover. For customers that have carefully selected their pool colour to complement their backyard, why not give them the option to show their pool colour while still allowing them to save water, time, money and heat.”

While this pool cover is not meant to be clear, it can also appear white at certain angles but it will allow the natural pool colour to come through.

As with all Daisy Pool Covers, they feature Daisy’s trademarked UltraDome™ technology to outperform all others in terms of durability and insulation. This pool cover is also Smart Approved Watermark certified and Climate Care Certified.

Daisy Wins Gold at SPASA Awards

Daisy Pool Covers recently won a number of awards at the Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA) Awards in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. 

The awards were for “Marketing Campaign” and Daisy entered their “Adventures of the Hydro-Sapien” campaign that ran in summer 2019/20 through social media and in-store video. 

The campaign takes us on a journey with the Daisy Hydro-Sapien as he navigates the wild world of protecting his precious swimming pool water.

The Adventures of the Hydro-Sapien won Gold in Victoria, Highly Commended in QLD and Highly Commended in NSW. The Hydro-Sapien also gets entered into the National Awards which are at the end of the month. 

The campaign was implemented to showcase the benefits of a pool cover in a fun and engaging way, as well as providing content to Daisy’s trade customers for in-store activity. Stores used it as a “Silent Salesman” to help educate browsing customers. 

You can download your copy of the in-store looped Hydro-Sapien video here via Wetransfer. 

Daisy are always looking to help their customers drive sales by promoting the benefits of pool covers in a short, sharp and creative way, and have already launched a second campaign to showcase the benefits of pool covers in an animation format. You can download this in-store looped version here