Latest Daisy Commercial Caddy Pro Improvements

We have recently made some further improvements to the Daisy Commercial Caddy Pro.

The second run of Caddy Pros are due to be completed today, Wednesday 3rd February. We have also in development with further learnings to improve the next model.

The drive mechanism remains unchanged, however we have made improvements for servicing, especially in the access areas.

A new instruction manual will be produced with new part numbers. Daisy are also keeping records for part lists compatible to all serial numbers.

Below are some of the improvements made to this model:

Further updates we have made to this model:

  • Electrics mounted on the board inside, making it easy to remove and complete the electric setup
  • Idler roller (for haul cord) bolts from the outside now
  • Chassis number on external frame
  • Wire cut soled drive and hex drive to make drive and disengage more smooth and easy to operate



Latest WinterKleen Installations

Along with some 525 Solar Cover installs, we have some new WinterKleen Debris Cover (in our new Tan colour!) installations to show you. There’s always a solution for any pool type, shape or location.

PASCAA & SPASA Merger Complete

Daisy Pool Covers are happy to see that the Pool and Spa Covers Association of Australia (PASCAA) has completed the merger with the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Australia (SPASA). The finalisation of the merger has established the Pool and Spa Covers of Australia (PASCA) advisory group.

The industry’s peak body, SPASA represents the swimming pool and spa market across Australasia, while PASCAA is a collaboration of leading Australian manufacturers and fabricators of pool and spa covers.

Derek Prince, Vice-President of PASCAA, says that PASCAA is proud to merge with the peak industry body.

“SPASA Australia set out to and has achieved their clear goals to build our national industry body and PASCAA has seen the importance of one body to unify our swimming pool industry. This merger will deliver a better outcome for the swimming pool industry and ultimately the consumer.”

Since the announcement in February 2020 that the two associations intended to unify, work has undergone meet the goal to better support the present and future needs of the industry.

“SPASA actively seeks to represent and deliver benefits to all sectors of the industry in every region,” says Lindsay McGrath, SPASA CEO. “This merger another step in providing a better result for our members.”

“This group of SPASA members, like many of our advisory groups, provides specific insights and knowledge that directly contributes to policy development and advocacy programs,” says McGrath

“I see these members having the success we have seen from other advocacy groups such as fibreglass manufacture, heat pump and solar committees who have recently been involved in the initiation and updating of Australian and new standards,” he says.

Stefan Ossenberg, SPASA chairman, and Derek Prince, PASCAA vice president, jointly issued the following statement: “SPASA and PASCAA are dedicated to the service of our industry. As the aquatics industry continues to evolve, the association must keep up with the demands of members, regulators and consumers. We are excited to build a vision where we can achieve even more together.”


Christmas Closures

What a year we’ve had! 

This season isn’t over yet and it’s already right up there with the busiest ever. We’re looking forward to finishing this year strongly and in style, but after that we need to give our team a little time off to relax and come back with a bang!During this busy time, our normal 1-2 day custom manufacture and dispatch of domestic pool covers has increased to 2-4 days for dispatch in response to growing demand. The Under Bench Roller manufacture has been impacted by raw material stock supply that has resulted in an extension of lead time out to a number of weeks

Daisy Pool Covers will be closed Thursday 24th December (last work and dispatch will be the 23rd December) and re-opening on Tuesday 29th December. 

Then, once New Year’s Eve hits we will be closed on Thursday 31st December and returning Tuesday 4th January. 

Christmas Closure and Last Days for Orders

 Last Day for placing order for pre-Christmas delivery – 15th December (depending on where the delivery is going to, later dispatches will still be delivered before Christmas)

Last dispatch day for pre-Christmas deliveries – 18th December (depending on where the delivery is going to later dispatches will still be delivered before Christmas)

Last dispatch day before Daisy closes for Christmas – 23rd December

Daisy Closed from 24/12/20 to 28/12/20

Daisy Closed from 31/12/20 to 3/1/21

We thank you all for your support this year and wish you all the best over the festive season. 

Deck Mount Roller Update Installations

We have been busy upgrading some customers’ Below Ground Box Drive Systems with the new 1410 part.

We had a very happy customer in NSW, with this stunning view!

“Last Friday your installer arrived and fitted the new sealed angle drive. He did it late on Friday night in the rain. Great Job.

The system works brilliantly, I am very happy with the new system and it is now robust and smooth to operate.

Thank you for your support and the excellent customer service in fixing my issue. We all look forward to using the pool this summer and with the pool cover we hope to extend our time in the water.”

This new robust 3:1 bevel gearbox drive is used on both the Deck Mount Roller and the Below Ground Box.

The new #1410 Gearbox upgrade is backwards compatible so any existing Daisy BGB or DMR can be upgraded to the new drive system.

Check out another DMR install we did recently on the right!

New WinterKleen Grey!

Daisy Pool Covers recently expanded the Winterkleen colour range from four to five colours with the new WinterKleen Grey being added.

With ever changing landscaping trends, we wanted to include an additional colour that complemented modern backyards that are using a lighter colour palette or a Hamptons style pool area.

Click here to check it out!

Commercial Caddy Pro Update

We have been having great feedback from Commercial pool owners who have been using the new Commercial Caddy Pro.

The Caddy Pro can be used to deploy both single and multiple Thermal Foam and Solar Pool Covers.

The Caddy Pro is a fully self contained, stand alone Stainless Steel console that suits any commercial pool from a single cover and roller, to multiple pools (e.g. 50m and 25m within the same complex) with multiple cover and roller systems.

The Caddy Pro console handle has been ergonomically designed to make lining up the internal square drive easy. The drive drum slides onto the external square drive of the roller while using the simple height adjustment then, with the press of a button, you are recovering the pool cover in no time at all.

Deploying the pool cover is a breeze!

  1. Attach the haul cord to the cover
  2. Take the Caddy Pro to the opposite end of the pool, approximately in the centre of the cover (2-3 metres away from the pool water edge)
  3. Feed the haul cord under the bottom idler roller then up to the back of the drive drum and hook the haul cord over the cut out finger of the drive drum.
  4. Then, simply push the button to haul the cover onto the pool. The recover drum simply slides out to the free wheel so you can remove the haul cord ready to deploy the next cover.

Click here to learn more about the Caddy Pro or contact our Commercial Manager Brett:

Daisy: Proudly Australian Made and New Brochures

Recently, we did an update to our brochure suite to include newly released products and colours, along with new imagery and points of difference that Daisy Pool Covers has over other pool covers.

You can see our new A4 brochure here, as well as the 350i brochure and new DL brochure.

We have also added “Proudly Australian Made” to our brochures and website, to reiterate to both trade and pool owners that Daisy pool covers and rollers are Australian Made for the Aussie climates and swimming pools.

Get Ready for Summer with the Bio Pool Cover Cleaner

Maintain your pool cover and pool equipment easily this summer, with some help from Daisy’s Bio Pool Cover Cleaner.

Simply spray it on, immediately clean off with Daisy Pool Cover Cleaner Microfibre Broom head (or any pool broom).

Using Daisy’s Bio Pool Cover Cleaner will not only help clean your pool cover, it will prevent recurrence while helping maintain the overall health of your swimming pool, reducing the build-up of bio film on which algae grows.

And for best practice evaporation control, if your pool cover does not cover all of your swimming pool, why not try the Daisy AquaSaver, an ultra-thin, invisible liquid barrier to prevent 30% of evaporation where there is no solar cover on your pool water.

Selling Tips – Pool Technician Quote Tool

One way to maximise, or find, sales opportunities is to constantly remind your customers of all the products you supply, Daisy being one of them.

We have developed this simple quote form for you to leave behind after your site visit, if they don’t have a pool cover or if their pool cover is coming to the end of its life.

Selling Tip: Don’t write the pool size on it, just write the quote. Hopefully they will ask you why you left it there. This is a way to generate conversation with the customer and sell more products.

This is an ideal activity to complete in slower times, not only to start conversations and sell, but also as a great way to build your customer database with accurate information of pool size (i.e. pool volume).

Instead of guessing, or taking your customers’ pool size guess, you now have the accurate measurements so you can give better advice and service with accurate pool volumes. I bet we have all had experiences where you are giving advice and doses for a 40,000 litre pool only to find out it is a 6.5 x 3m pool!

You can print these forms out if you want to use it immediately or contact your Daisy Area Manager to get some sent out to you.