Latest Daisy Commercial Caddy Pro Improvements

We have recently made some further improvements to the Daisy Commercial Caddy Pro.

The second run of Caddy Pros are due to be completed today, Wednesday 3rd February. We have also in development with further learnings to improve the next model.

The drive mechanism remains unchanged, however we have made improvements for servicing, especially in the access areas.

A new instruction manual will be produced with new part numbers. Daisy are also keeping records for part lists compatible to all serial numbers.

Below are some of the improvements made to this model:

Further updates we have made to this model:

  • Electrics mounted on the board inside, making it easy to remove and complete the electric setup
  • Idler roller (for haul cord) bolts from the outside now
  • Chassis number on external frame
  • Wire cut soled drive and hex drive to make drive and disengage more smooth and easy to operate



Latest WinterKleen Installations

Along with some 525 Solar Cover installs, we have some new WinterKleen Debris Cover (in our new Tan colour!) installations to show you. There’s always a solution for any pool type, shape or location.

New BGB and DMR Gearbox Drive

At Daisy Pool Covers, we are always working on the continuous improvement of our covers and rollers.

We recently finalised a change to the Below Ground Box to improve the gearbox drive (Part #1410 pictured). This robust 3:1 bevel gearbox drive is used on both the Deck Mount Roller and the Below Ground Box.

The new #1410 Gearbox upgrade is backwards compatible so any existing Daisy BGB or DMR can be upgraded to the new drive system.

Parts are now in stock, all new orders of BGBs and DMRs will have the new gearbox included at no extra cost.

The sealed unit with stainless couplings, and easy to insert handle drive, allows for a much smoother movement when deploying and rolling in the pool cover.

For more information on the new gearbox, please contact your Daisy Area Manager or Administration Centre on 1300 55 18 11 or

How to Order a Pool Cover

The new Daisy 2020 order form is now available for download, as well as order forms available on the back of the Daisy Expert’s Yearbook.

It is important to note, particularly for new customers, that we require as much information as possible on these order forms in order to efficiently process orders. 

All we need is the relevant information for Daisy to process the order, pool size, roller model and size along with any parts needed. Then the delivery address (if it’s not going to you and any special information needed to make and deliver the order). If there is special information (or questions) a photo of the pool or parts can make advice and orders trouble free.

Please ensure that you mark down the pool water level size and if the pool cover to be made is a precut pool cover.

Please also ensure that all order forms go through to so that we can process your orders correctly. Please remember not to send directly to your area manager, they have to send them to sales to get processed.

If you have any questions regarding the order form, please contact your area manager or Administration Centre on 1300 55 18 11 or

Daisy Experts’ Yearbook 2020/21

The latest Daisy Experts’ Yearbook is on its way to you all, but we thought we’d give you an overview and update on what’s new.

The team at Daisy Pool covers has worked hard to minimise price movements, with no price rises for the past two years. While all Thermal and Solar covers are 100% Australian-made, we have over the last 2 years had price increases on raw materials, staff and freight.

Here are a few updates for the latest Yearbook:

  • New simplified pricing for the whole 525 Solar Pool Cover range to make selling even easier.
  • Introducing the 350 illusion solar cover. This is a “clear” product that picks up the pool’s surface colour without introducing other colours to the backyard colour scheme. This is not an absolutely clear product, it is the optimal thickness for a see-through product that still may have a whiteish look from certain angles. It’s the perfect product to use with Daisy’s Bio Pool Cover Cleaner to keep it looking new.
  • ThermoTech is now quoted in square meters to make closing sales quicker and easier.
  • We will shortly launch a new WinterKleen Grey colour. This will complement the WinterKleen Tan that was introduced this year for that elegant look to suit any backyard landscape.

We are also pleased to release the new Commercial Caddy Pro as well as a Commercial WinterKleen option, both part of our ever expanding Daisy Commercial range.

For more information, please download our latest yearbook, or contact your Daisy Area Manager with any questions.


Pool Cover Mythbusters

We have seen many myths about pool covers throughout our many years in the industry. We thought we would start to tackle the newer ones that you may have heard each month.

Do I need to wait for the cover to ‘settle’ before trimming to size?
No, you don’t!

Installing a solar pool cover is as simple as laying the cover on the pool (bubble side down), sweep out the air bubbles and then trim to size. There is no need to wait a few days to let the cover ‘settle’ before trimming to size.

How to Trim Your Pool Cover to Size

Solar pool covers CAN naturalise (shrink) up to 1% in length only in the first few weeks, but they will not shrink in width. Installing a pool cover is a single visit job and will only require laying the cover down and trimming it.

Sealed Air and Daisy Win Bronze at PIDA Awards

The Packaging Innovation and Design Awards were held last Wednesday in an online awards ceremony.

Daisy Pool Covers and Sealed Air were a finalist in the PIDA Design Innovation of the Year Award Domestic & Household Category.

Daisy and Sealed Air also won a Bronze award for the Domestic & Household Category ‘Outside of the Box Innovation’ Award.

Being part of these awards is such a great recognition for Daisy Pool Covers and Sealed Air, and yes, we’re so excited about our award-winning pool cover product.

By adapting Sealed Air’s bubble wrap technology over the years, we’ve been able to deliver so many sustainability benefits like conserving water and heat for the humble swimming pool.

The stats on heat and evaporation savings are huge!

A standard backyard swimming pool can lose up to 10,000 litres of water per month and we can stop that with this simple solution: a Daisy Pool Cover.

But, not all bubbles are the same. Daisy Pool Covers and Sealed Air have worked closely to develop the UltraDome™ bubble that is designed for longevity and performance.

However, we are only covering about a third of Australian swimming pools so we have a way to go yet! We will be using this award to highlight the positive environmental and sustainable impact and credibility of our pool covers to all pool owners.

Daisy’s New Quote Tool for Pool Technicians

One way to maximise, or find, sales opportunities is to constantly remind your customers of all the products you supply, Daisy being one of them.

We have developed this quote form for you to leave behind after your site visit if they don’t have a pool cover or if their pool cover is coming to the end of its life.

Don’t write the pool size on it, just write the quote. Hopefully they will ask you why you left it there. This is a way to generate conversation with the customer and sell more products.

This is an ideal activity to complete in slower times, not only to start conversations and sell, but also as a great way to build your customer database with accurate information of pool size (i.e. pool volume).

Instead of guessing, or taking your customers’ pool size guess, you now have the accurate measurements so you can give better advice and service with accurate pool volumes. I bet we have all had experiences where you are giving advice and doses for a 40,000 litre pool only to find out it is a 6.5 x 3m pool!

You can print these forms out if you want to use it immediately or contact your Daisy Area Manager to get some sent out to you.

Daisy Dam Covers’ Latest Installation

The Daisy Pool Covers team recently installed a set of dam covers at a wastewater treatment plant in Kenilworth, QLD. 

The Daisy Dam Cover is 30m x 50m made up of 6 modules each 7.8m wide by 30m long. 

The Daisy Commercial team made the sizes so that they could be made and then handled offsite and onsite. The customer then tethered the covers together and manually pulled the covers onto the dam.

To accommodate with the gas build-up from the waste water, Daisy came up with a simple solution to let the gas escape through strategically placed, reinforced holes in the cover and modules for the water line between the covers.

The reinforced holes do let some water through, but the customer wanted the gas build-up to be able to vent into the atmosphere.

The customer had tried a non-buoyant plastic film before, but said it was cheap and did not work.

After looking for a solution like this for quite some time, Chris said he was very happy with the finished job and how the Daisy Pool Covers team were able to make the covers with a tight turnaround.

For all Daisy Dam Cover enquiries, please contact the team at:

Pool Cover and Roller Installations

Our team are always somewhere in Australia, working hard with our trade customers and pool owners to get the best results. We love a good challenge!

525B from pool over edge to spa sometimes we can do interesting installs

You can always have your pool and spa covered by the same cover!

525B LP doubleview WA (1)

An unsually shaped pool over in WA utilised a nice, wide LP roller to make life easier.

A75 roller on length of pool for access

With smaller pools, a second option is to place your roller down the length of your pool.

SQ roller along length as no other place to put it Madely WA

Due to spacing, this pool also required the roller to be placed down the length of the pool.

rocks beach garden this pool in Riverview had it all interesting install for Daryl Daisy NSW

Garden and rockery meant for an challenging cut on site, and it looks great!

Mosman NSW 525B

A stunning view for this infinity edge pool, with the cover going right up to the edge.