Below Ground Pool Cover Box: What a winner

We’ve just caught our breath in time to write this! Since the introduction of the Below Ground Pool Cover Box (BGB) just a few months ago, we have been inundated with enquiries and installations!

A great idea for new pool installations, the BGB is the perfect solution for those pool owners that want to hide their pool cover and roller, reduce the visual impact of their pool roller or just want to keep the space clear for family fun!

The BGB is a sturdy unit and is being hailed as the ‘next big thing’ from the industry that has recently viewed the product at SPLASH! and other consumer shows we have recently attended. The sales so far of the BGB are proof that this is the next big thing!

While the Under Bench Roller is a great solution for existing pools, the BGB is perfect for new swimming pool installations.
Fully proven, welded and solid, just lift it in place and use the jacking bolts to level if you need and it’s all done! No need to concrete in place, this BGB unit makes your job much easier. See how easy the install is here.

Check out the Below Ground Box information here