It’s Autumn time

We mean… WinterKleen time!

With parts of Australia cooling down along with a seasonal change there is an increased demand on covering and protecting the pool from leaves, dirt and rubbish entering the pool.

The WinterKleen has long been the go-to answer for pool owners who experience high debris problems, and this year is no exception.

By covering the pool with the porous WinterKleen material all the dirt stays out of the water while letting the water pass through. So keeping the debris out of the pool it makes your customers life much easier and they love their pool (and you) a little more.

With a WinterKleen it makes looking after the pool so much easier. And this year we have had an increased demand. It’s ok – we are still custom making the covers and dispatching them in a matter of days!

The new Black WinterKleen has been a remarkable hit, steady sales of the new product has validated the latest addition to the range.

Know how to measure for a rectangular or a shaped WinterKleen pool cover? If you need a hand, feel free to give your local Area Manager a call.

Contact the Admin Centre or have a look at the How To videos here.

Importantly, let your customers and database know you have these products available, there may be sales waiting for you that you don’t know about!