Are you ready?

Swinging into Summer with Daisy

With a bumper start to August and September, Daisy is swinging into summer production!

Sales are up and the mood of the industry is an overwhelming positive one. With the start we have had so far it looks like we are in for one heck of a busy season. Let’s have some more beautiful days to get everyone outside then we are all at the start of the season.

The Daisy guys have been flat out training staff all over the country and distributing the new point of sale material.

Haven’t been seen yet?

Don’t worry we are still working on it. Contact you Daisy Area Manager to arrange some pre-season training – it will help you sell more! Drop a line to:

Training is a valuable resource the Daisy Area Managers can bring to your store if you have new staff and for the old stalwarts that know the product, Daisy offers a range of training from refreshment through to full product introduction and sales.

The more product knowledge we all have the more we can service and sell.

Expert Tip – Have you arranged your ‘Product of the Month’ for each of the next 6 months?

Having a ‘Product of the Month’ means each month everyone in store that meets or sees a customer talks about that product. Whether it is Daisy pool covers, cleaners, regular cleans or whatever you choose…make one product your hero this month and watch the sales skyrocket!