New Summer Installations

WOW what a summer it’s been already! We have still been very busy and so many people have had new swimming pool covers and rollers installed, we thought we’d share some of the more unique ones with you.

Utilising Waste to Create a More Sustainable Pool Cover

At Daisy Pool Covers, we are committed to providing sustainable pool covers to Australian pool owners.

Daisy Pool Covers recover all industrial scrap so that it can be made into new pool covers. The post-industrial material (pictured) is sent to Sealed Air (who produce the Daisy Pool Cover Ultradome Bubble material) to be made back into pool cover material.

With that in mind, we are proud to say that a minimum of 15% of each new pool cover is made of post-industrial recycling content.

This allows the Daisy solar pool covers to be a sustainable, circular product with minimal waste.

Daisy pool covers are recyclable under code 4 LDPE (low density polyethylene).

Daisy aims to continually look at ways that we can recycle more, reduce our waste to ensure we are creating the most sustainable product possible for pool owners, so they can rest easy by their pool knowing that, by choosing Daisy Pool Covers, they are doing their bit for the environment.