Get Ready for Summer with the Bio Pool Cover Cleaner

Maintain your pool cover and pool equipment easily this summer, with some help from Daisy’s Bio Pool Cover Cleaner.

Simply spray it on, immediately clean off with Daisy Pool Cover Cleaner Microfibre Broom head (or any pool broom).

Using Daisy’s Bio Pool Cover Cleaner will not only help clean your pool cover, it will prevent recurrence while helping maintain the overall health of your swimming pool, reducing the build-up of bio film on which algae grows.

And for best practice evaporation control, if your pool cover does not cover all of your swimming pool, why not try the Daisy AquaSaver, an ultra-thin, invisible liquid barrier to prevent 30% of evaporation where there is no solar cover on your pool water.

Selling Tips – Pool Technician Quote Tool

One way to maximise, or find, sales opportunities is to constantly remind your customers of all the products you supply, Daisy being one of them.

We have developed this simple quote form for you to leave behind after your site visit, if they don’t have a pool cover or if their pool cover is coming to the end of its life.

Selling Tip: Don’t write the pool size on it, just write the quote. Hopefully they will ask you why you left it there. This is a way to generate conversation with the customer and sell more products.

This is an ideal activity to complete in slower times, not only to start conversations and sell, but also as a great way to build your customer database with accurate information of pool size (i.e. pool volume).

Instead of guessing, or taking your customers’ pool size guess, you now have the accurate measurements so you can give better advice and service with accurate pool volumes. I bet we have all had experiences where you are giving advice and doses for a 40,000 litre pool only to find out it is a 6.5 x 3m pool!

You can print these forms out if you want to use it immediately or contact your Daisy Area Manager to get some sent out to you.

Hydro Summer Campaign

From September onwards, Daisy Pool Covers are pushing the benefits of having a pool cover to the wider Australian market on social media through an animated video campaign.

The Hydro campaign consists of various videos showing the benefits of a pool cover like: Stop Evaporation, Save on Chemicals, Warm your pool and Save on Cleaning.

You can see the rest of the video content here.

You can also download the videos for your store use here.

The aim is to promote the benefits of a pool cover in a short, sharp and memorable way throughout the season ahead.

Below Ground Box Drive Systems Promotion

We recently updated our gearbox drive (Part #1410) for both the Deck Mount Roller and Below Ground Box and have had such wonderful feedback from customers who have experienced the upgraded product!

This summer, we are focusing on promoting these two products in the market further, with the creation of additional video content.

The new drive system is so easy and smooth to operate, as you can see in the video.

The #1410 Gearbox upgrade is backwards compatible so any existing Daisy BGB or DMR can be upgraded to the new drive system.