New BGB and DMR Gearbox Drive

At Daisy Pool Covers, we are always working on the continuous improvement of our covers and rollers.

We recently finalised a change to the Below Ground Box to improve the gearbox drive (Part #1410 pictured). This robust 3:1 bevel gearbox drive is used on both the Deck Mount Roller and the Below Ground Box.

The new #1410 Gearbox upgrade is backwards compatible so any existing Daisy BGB or DMR can be upgraded to the new drive system.

Parts are now in stock, all new orders of BGBs and DMRs will have the new gearbox included at no extra cost.

The sealed unit with stainless couplings, and easy to insert handle drive, allows for a much smoother movement when deploying and rolling in the pool cover.

For more information on the new gearbox, please contact your Daisy Area Manager or Administration Centre on 1300 55 18 11 or

How to Order a Pool Cover

The new Daisy 2020 order form is now available for download, as well as order forms available on the back of the Daisy Expert’s Yearbook.

It is important to note, particularly for new customers, that we require as much information as possible on these order forms in order to efficiently process orders. 

All we need is the relevant information for Daisy to process the order, pool size, roller model and size along with any parts needed. Then the delivery address (if it’s not going to you and any special information needed to make and deliver the order). If there is special information (or questions) a photo of the pool or parts can make advice and orders trouble free.

Please ensure that you mark down the pool water level size and if the pool cover to be made is a precut pool cover.

Please also ensure that all order forms go through to so that we can process your orders correctly. Please remember not to send directly to your area manager, they have to send them to sales to get processed.

If you have any questions regarding the order form, please contact your area manager or Administration Centre on 1300 55 18 11 or

NEW! 350 illusion Pool Cover

At the start of August, Daisy Pool Covers released the new 350i Pool Cover under their Cost Effective range.

The 350 illusion is a solar pool cover that takes on the natural colour of your pool while still saving 97% of water evaporation, saving chemicals, money and time.

Derek Prince from Daisy Pool Covers says, “We’re really excited to launch this solar pool cover. For customers that have carefully selected their pool colour to complement their backyard, why not give them the option to show their pool colour while still allowing them to save water, time, money and heat.”

While this pool cover is not meant to be clear, it can also appear white at certain angles but it will allow the natural pool colour to come through.

As with all Daisy Pool Covers, they feature Daisy’s trademarked UltraDome™ technology to outperform all others in terms of durability and insulation. This pool cover is also Smart Approved Watermark certified and Climate Care Certified.

Daisy Wins Gold at SPASA Awards

Daisy Pool Covers recently won a number of awards at the Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA) Awards in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. 

The awards were for “Marketing Campaign” and Daisy entered their “Adventures of the Hydro-Sapien” campaign that ran in summer 2019/20 through social media and in-store video. 

The campaign takes us on a journey with the Daisy Hydro-Sapien as he navigates the wild world of protecting his precious swimming pool water.

The Adventures of the Hydro-Sapien won Gold in Victoria, Highly Commended in QLD and Highly Commended in NSW. The Hydro-Sapien also gets entered into the National Awards which are at the end of the month. 

The campaign was implemented to showcase the benefits of a pool cover in a fun and engaging way, as well as providing content to Daisy’s trade customers for in-store activity. Stores used it as a “Silent Salesman” to help educate browsing customers. 

You can download your copy of the in-store looped Hydro-Sapien video here via Wetransfer. 

Daisy are always looking to help their customers drive sales by promoting the benefits of pool covers in a short, sharp and creative way, and have already launched a second campaign to showcase the benefits of pool covers in an animation format. You can download this in-store looped version here