Daisy Staff Movements

We have had a few changes to our staff very recently!

John (second from right), the WA Area Manager is moving into Daisy Head Office in an internal support role.

Shannon (middle left), who is currently the NSW (South)/VIC/TAS Area Manager, is moving over to WA to take over John’s role as WA Area Manager.

Daisy Experts’ Yearbook 2020/21

The latest Daisy Experts’ Yearbook is on its way to you all, but we thought we’d give you an overview and update on what’s new.

The team at Daisy Pool covers has worked hard to minimise price movements, with no price rises for the past two years. While all Thermal and Solar covers are 100% Australian-made, we have over the last 2 years had price increases on raw materials, staff and freight.

Here are a few updates for the latest Yearbook:

  • New simplified pricing for the whole 525 Solar Pool Cover range to make selling even easier.
  • Introducing the 350 illusion solar cover. This is a “clear” product that picks up the pool’s surface colour without introducing other colours to the backyard colour scheme. This is not an absolutely clear product, it is the optimal thickness for a see-through product that still may have a whiteish look from certain angles. It’s the perfect product to use with Daisy’s Bio Pool Cover Cleaner to keep it looking new.
  • ThermoTech is now quoted in square meters to make closing sales quicker and easier.
  • We will shortly launch a new WinterKleen Grey colour. This will complement the WinterKleen Tan that was introduced this year for that elegant look to suit any backyard landscape.

We are also pleased to release the new Commercial Caddy Pro as well as a Commercial WinterKleen option, both part of our ever expanding Daisy Commercial range.

For more information, please download our latest yearbook, or contact your Daisy Area Manager with any questions.