Pool Cover and Roller Installations

Our team are always somewhere in Australia, working hard with our trade customers and pool owners to get the best results. We love a good challenge!

525B from pool over edge to spa sometimes we can do interesting installs

You can always have your pool and spa covered by the same cover!

525B LP doubleview WA (1)

An unsually shaped pool over in WA utilised a nice, wide LP roller to make life easier.

A75 roller on length of pool for access

With smaller pools, a second option is to place your roller down the length of your pool.

SQ roller along length as no other place to put it Madely WA

Due to spacing, this pool also required the roller to be placed down the length of the pool.

rocks beach garden this pool in Riverview had it all interesting install for Daryl Daisy NSW

Garden and rockery meant for an challenging cut on site, and it looks great!

Mosman NSW 525B

A stunning view for this infinity edge pool, with the cover going right up to the edge.

Daisy Are Open for Business

Without inundating your inbox with yet another supplier Covid-19 update, we just wanted to reassure you that Daisy is in an operational position at this point in time.

We are doing all we need to keep our staff safe and everyone we come in contact with as safe as possible in these uncharted times.
This update is to keep you informed of what we, as a part of an essential service sector are doing to keep you supplied with pool covers and rollers.

Daisy Pool Covers is operating as normal and all orders are being processed, manufactured and dispatched in standard time frames. All of our transport companies are fully operational in normal capacity and they are taking their own social distancing measures. However, all intrastate and interstate deliveries are being completed as normal other than the possibility of a slight delay in delivery time for the new hygiene and social distancing measures.

All orders are being dispatched and delivered, regardless of where you are.Social-CV12
The only operational change is our Area Managers have been grounded and all travel has been cancelled.
All installers are continuing to complete their jobs, when we book jobs we are informing consumers that we are conducting installs without contact and maintaining our hygiene when leaving the site.

Like everyone else, we are requesting anyone that is not 100% healthy to please stay home.
The good news is all 100mm tubes are now in stock and all back orders have been dispatched.

Stock flow is reliable, and while it looks as if the China crisis is over, the supply chain has returned to normal as all imports are now flowing as normal.
Pool Covers have never been affected as they are totally Australian-made products and we have always had a reliable supply.
The only slight delay in tubes is now 125mm that are due in the first weeks of April.
All standard domestic cover and roller orders are back to the standard 2 day lead time to dispatch.

In this time of crisis and uncertainty we all need to be mindful of our cash flow, Daisy included. We will continue to run our standard trading terms however, if you are having problems with paying us please contact us early so we can work out payment plans. Daisy, along with the industry, needs reliable cash flow to survive. In saying this, we will have to be strict with our settlement terms to minimise our exposure to bad debt losses.

We thank you all for your understanding and support during these unique times.

PASCAA & SPASA Australia to Unite

The Pool and Spa Association of Australia (SPASA) and the Pool and Spa Cover Association of Australia (PASCAA) are merging. In an exciting move, this merger will increase resources and unify deliverables to all areas of the swimming pool industry for PR and advocacy to consumers, regulators and everyone that is even remotely connected to the swimming pool and spa industry.

Derek Prince, Vice President of PASCAA, says, “PASCAA was formed to protect consumers and the industry from substandard products before the incorporation of SPASA Australia. After the formation of PASCAA and the introduction of minimum standards for Australian fit for purpose pool covers, Smart Approved Watermark adopted the PASCAA testing methods for minimum standards, a great outcome for industry and consumers alike.”


With the droughts in the early 2000’s governments and water bodies around Australia brought in regulation and, in some places, rebates on pool covers that were Smart Approved Watermarked. Some swimming pool covers were being sold as cheap as possible, regardless of their quality, because pool owners were needed to stop evaporation. However, the swimming pool industry knows that a poor quality pool cover simply does not last. We were hearing regular stories of pool covers lasting merely months. In the beginning, Smart Approved Watermark did not understand completely what a fit for purpose pool cover was. With no nationally incorporated SPASA organisation that could lobby government or Smart Approved Watermark, the Pool Cover industry formed our own nationally incorporated Association so we could engage and influence governments and Smart Approved Watermark.

Then, we fast forward a few years to see the formation of a nationally incorporated SPASA Australia that amalgamated most states.

SPASA Australia then adopted PASCAA minimum standards as the benchmark for a fit for purpose pool cover in Australia.

With the incorporation of SPASA Australia, PASCAA like many other industry bodies was keen to see a unified industry body however felt that SPASA Australia needed to have more than a plan, they needed to put ‘runs on the board’ to show that they truly were the peak national industry body for the whole industry not only for builders like SPASA of old, but as a Swimming Pool Industry advocate for builders, retail, service and suppliers.

We were all hoping to see a SPASA for the industry as a whole. PASCAA has been working alongside SPASA Australia for a few years now. With current agendas of the Heating Sector Committee, Standards Australia proposals along with the advocacy activity PASCAA believe that SPASA Australia has exceeded their plans and the time is right for all in our industry to unite under one national SPASA Australia.


PASCAA is proud to be that latest merger with SPASA Australia and look forward to further working under the SPASA Australia brand.