Daisy Completes New SPASA Training

Getting the best out of our team to give you the best service!


Daisy has always believed in constant and consistent advertising and marketing, and this is the bit you see. We also have a solid commitment to constant product and staff development.

The Daisy sales team continually embarks on personal development and training to keep motivated and up to date so we can deliver better results for our trade customers.

Daisy recently turned to our peak industry body that is our industry RTO to design a tailored Sales delivery module.

Wednesday 19th June saw a 7-hour training module delivered by Luke from SPASA Australia and I (Derek) have to highly compliment Luke and SPASA Australia for such good content. The whole team got so much industry related training that cut through the theory to put us in location at the coal face, giving us better outcomes for our customers.

I can’t recommend this enough, SPASA Australia delivers positive, real-life training that is relevant.

With further SPASA Australia development modules coming, all of us at Daisy are looking forward to further learning to help you more.

SPASA and Daisy are always looking to help customers from domestic pool shops, to builder and commercial markets, helping them to sell more through positive experiences and real training in B2B2C.

We have uncovered many more techniques, hints and pieces of advice to help you with your customers and Daisy products.

Here at Daisy, we are all pumped, looking forward to helping you expand your markets and helping you sell more. We may have just started our ‘off season’ but the Daisy team is flat out preparing for the season, just wait to see what we have in store for you!

It’s going to be a great season for us all.


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