Summer is just around the corner…and it looks like a beauty!

The Daisy team have been busy with the off season trade shows and conferences and are pumped that the industry is feeling very optimistic this time of year looking to the summer ahead. The people we’ve seen lately are looking at this season ahead as one of the big ones!

With a more stable economy, consumers are looking to improve their backyards and opening their wallets with more confidence that an investment into their home will bring them years of fun family time and give them a better lifestyle.

The Daisy summer campaign is about to be launched and will leverage the consumer’s desire to have an inviting, warm pool that will increase their swimming season as well as promote water usage awareness around the country. We are targeting consumers to educate them on “Why every pool needs a Daisy” and encouraging them to buy from you.
Are you ready?

We are launching this campaign to bring an uplift in sales and installations as well as raise the profile of Daisy Pool Covers in store. What do you need from us? Contact your local Daisy Area manager to arrange in store Point of Sale and any training and support you require to make this season the ripper it’s bound to be!

Phone: 1300 55 18 11

Or your local Daisy Area Manager
Lee Ph: 0400686026
Shannon Ph: 0419099032
Brett Ph: 0429568500
John Ph: 0417914295

Below Ground Pool Cover Box: What a winner

We’ve just caught our breath in time to write this! Since the introduction of the Below Ground Pool Cover Box (BGB) just a few months ago, we have been inundated with enquiries and installations!

A great idea for new pool installations, the BGB is the perfect solution for those pool owners that want to hide their pool cover and roller, reduce the visual impact of their pool roller or just want to keep the space clear for family fun!

The BGB is a sturdy unit and is being hailed as the ‘next big thing’ from the industry that has recently viewed the product at SPLASH! and other consumer shows we have recently attended. The sales so far of the BGB are proof that this is the next big thing!

While the Under Bench Roller is a great solution for existing pools, the BGB is perfect for new swimming pool installations.
Fully proven, welded and solid, just lift it in place and use the jacking bolts to level if you need and it’s all done! No need to concrete in place, this BGB unit makes your job much easier. See how easy the install is here.

Check out the Below Ground Box information here

Does a pool cleaner work under a Daisy Pool Cover?

Here at Daisy Pool Covers, we get asked a lot of different, even strange, questions from time to time. From ‘what way up does the pool cover go?’ (bubble side to the water if you were wondering) to ‘does a pool cover stop ducks?’ (yes by the way) and ‘does the pool cleaner work under a Daisy pool cover?’

Well, yes, the whole pool works as normal with the pool cover installed. The pool cover will not hinder the operation of a pool cleaner whether it’s a suction cleaner or robot style. Their hoses lay pretty well under the water so the cleaner can operate as if the cover was not installed.

If there is a problem with a cleaner working under the cover then there will be an external problem that the pool cover has identified for you (like a suction cleaner that will work without a cover installed but won’t move when the cover is on. This normally indicates a leak in the hose).

This, along with many other questions are answered in our FAQ section of the website.

As always, Daisy is here to help. Got a question? Ask us at: