Daisy keeps prices to Daisy Experts down for another year

With the peak summer months approaching, we all want to increase sales … but not costs!

Daisy is on your side.

Working hard behind the scenes, our operations and supply teams had a clear focus despite cost increases – that is to hold our pricing to you for another year. We’ve done it!

At Daisy, we have committed to maintaining our current pricing level to all Daisy Experts, despite a number of factors that have put pressure on us, including increasing aluminium prices, increasing labour costs along with freight rises and many other ancillary costs.

Looking forward, always.

Innovation, efficiencies and service have always been our hallmark. We like to look forward with constant development and improvement to build the market share and volumes that in turn builds economies of scale into the business. This not only results in innovation but helps us to offset increased costs.

With the introduction and fantastic response of the new Under Bench Roller and the pre-cut pool cover service and dig template parts of the business having increased substantially, we have been able to generate the volume to be able hold the pricing for another year.

Thanks for the support. We are all looking forward to another a great season!

What Is Roller Burn?

Roller Burn is when the pool cover is stored on the roller without the over cover being used to protect the pool cover.

What happens is the sun passes down through the layers, increasing in heat from layer to layer…superheating the pool cover. The compounding heating effect always happens in the same place at the top of the pool cover roll (as the pool cover is always wound up the same way).

Identifying roller burn can be difficult in the early stages, however there are a few tell-tale signs you can look out for.

  1. Pool covers can shrink up to 1% of their length with how they are made however they simply can’t shrink in their width naturally. If the pool cover has shrunk in the width, it is typically the first sign of it being stored on the roller without the over cover in place. The pool cover will shrink at the corners first, then in the width as the Roller Burn becomes more visible.
  2. Roller burn lines are easily spotted as the Roller Burn has ‘shrunk’ the pool cover material in superheated lines across the pool cover – in line with the top revolutions of the roller. These lines are approximately every 600mm and they start from about the second layer of pool cover down from the top of the roll. Depending on how long the damage has been occurring and how long the pool cover is, it will go almost all the way to the other end.

The pool cover will still operate normally regardless of the lines and shrinkage; the only adverse effect will be in the life of the pool cover. Typically we find where the overheating of the roller burn has occurred, the life of the pool cover decreases.

What does pool cover roller burn look like?

How Cool is a Pre Cut Pool Cover?

Custom cut pool covers are a winner not only for good looks (which come with a good fit), but saves you time and wastage.

For accurately measured pools or pre-manufactured fibreglass pools (where we have the data), Daisy can use ‘the machine that goes bing’ to pre-cut for you.

Whether you want your solar pool cover cut to shape, or your Thermotech foam cover cut out or even a black dig template or blue sales template cut out Daisy can cut it out BEFORE you get it.

Check out the video to see how easy Daisy makes it look!

Daisy has invested a huge amount of time and resources to make your life easier – just one more way that Daisy is helping you sell more.