November Daisy Dab winner announced!

Jess Turner from NSW takes out the December Daisy DAB competition winning a cool Parrot Drone and $200 worth of pool supplies from Splash’s Pools Tuggerah!

Jess went above and beyond submitting multiple very creative entries and getting over 140 votes too for her efforts. At the presentation of her prizes at Splash’s, Jess said that she had a heap of fun with this because she loved photography and that our Daisy challenges are a great avenue to explore more photography. It gave her the challenge to set up her photos and videos.

Jess’s dad, John, said that she had a lot of fun and put a lot of time and effort into the entries so great for her to win a prize from our local pool shop.

Andrew Clubb from Splash’s Pools Tuggerah said “how good is Jess winning a Daisy challenge twice! What are the chances! Regular customers have had a heap of fun with the photos. Thanks Daisy for having a challenge that helps people have fun around a pool…because that is what pools are all about, fun!”

Here’s Lee Schatkowski from Daisy showing Jess how to fly the drone…. We think you need to take it out of the box first Lee!!

November Daisy Dab winner announced! 1

The December challenge is open now, so #getdabbing! Plus the entry with the most votes over summer will win an iPhone8 or Galaxy8!

See Jess’s winning video and more entries here.

What’s Trending in Backyards

When style meets innovation

Gone are the days where pool covers and rollers only came in one colour and style option, and too bad if they didn’t suit your backyard!

For over 30 years, Daisy Pool Covers and Rollers have led the industry by constantly innovating with new, on-trend products that fit the bill for Aussie backyards.

With a focus on design and style, we’ve come a long way from the standard white roller and blue pool covers. Aussie families don’t have to compromise their stylish backyards if they want a pool cover or roller.  Today, Daisy has so many options in colour, style, and shape – you can essentially customise your roller and cover to your own back yard!

For example, Daisy’s recently released hot new stainless steel 316ST Rollers are designed to complement the modern pool setting of any backyard. Then of course there is the newly released Daisy Under Bench Roller. It is practical with its multiple uses – a seat and a roller – adding style poolside and is available in three modern colours in aluminium, wood-look finishes. Combined with a titanium blue or green pool cover and well, we’ve got style!

Daisy is constantly reinventing the wheel and looking at new styles and trends that will transform your backyard, lifestyle and the way your entertain.  Explore our website and keep coming back for something new – we love our Daisy but we’re biased!

Get a quote or talk to your local pool expert for more inspiration!

Christmas (non) Closure – 2017

We are here to support you!

You’re not closing so neither are we…well other than the public holidays! Just like every other year, Daisy is open for business during normal business hours and days over the festive season.

As normal, Daisy will receive orders, custom make each order and dispatch within our normal time frame however please bear in mind that during the Christmas period, transport companies have a lot to deliver and their loads over the Christmas and New Year period historically comes under pressure causing delays.

Do you need your order delivered before Christmas?

Orders for pre-Christmas deliveries should be placed by Thursday 14th December to ensure production and dispatch by Monday 18th December.  Delivery schedules will vary depending on location. Transport timetables should be back to normal from the 8th January.

Happy selling!

Buying and Selling a Daisy Pool Cover Should be Easy!

Quote & Close = Selling More!

When a customer asks “how much will a pool cover cost”, what they really mean is “can I talk to you about a pool cover for my pool?”

Rather than jump into attempting to quote and then trying to close the sale just on price, here are some suggestions:


Ask them what they want from a pool cover? Is it to save water (evaporation control), keep their pool clean or to warm the water? By asking these questions, you’re establishing yourself as a Daisy Expert. As soon as they reply, you’re engaging them in a dialogue and starting to build a trusted relationship.


Start providing some advice – use all the tools we have on the Daisy website in our FAQs and more! If you need any training, just let us know – we’re here to help.


Pricing up a quote is as simple as multiplying the square meters of the pool by the pool cover m2 price.

Daisy has made quoting pool covers easy. Every pool cover has a square meter price.

a). Simply measure the length and width of the pool. Then multiply together to get the square meters (length x width = m2)


8.2m long pool by 3.9m wide. The cover they want is the 525 Blue at $17.50 / m2.

(8.2 x 3.9 = 31.98m2 x $17.50 = $559.65)

b). Step area? If the pool has steps, here’s another opportunity to show your expertise. Here are some tips and FAQs on how to measure step areas.

Mobile? We all have a mobile device that can access the internet. Simply log into the Daisy website to get the latest retail pricing using the quote calculator.

Pop in the pool measurements, select what you want and the tool will calculate the recommended retail price immediately.


Don’t forget this! Once you have done all the hard work and designed the solution and price for the customer, ask for the sale!

Some simple questions:

  • What colour do you want? Is it the 525B or Titanium Blue you wanted?
  • Do you want to install this yourself or would you like me to do it?
  • Would you like me to place the order for the cover and roller now?

Oh and add on if you can – what sort of décor is your backyard? Is it modern or contemporary? If modern, why not sell them a 316ST stainless steel roller or compact, why not a UBR which is a great dual purpose product!

The close: A customer is just as busy as you are. The more you can make it easy for them, the easier it will be to close the sale.

Remember, don’t let them walk out the door saying that they’ll get back to you. If they do, try and get their contact details and follow up!

If you need help with a tricky quote or would like further training on measure, install or sales contact your local Daisy Area Manager or email us.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Since the introduction of the new Daisy Under Bench Roller we have not only received tremendous support and sales, we have also received heaps of photos and shares on Facebook and Instagram. We love seeing you showing off just how great the UBR looks installed…and how good your work is as well.

Snap. Share. Socialise… Sales.

There’s nothing like a photo to get a great visual impression showing the diversity of pools we cover and to showcase great projects.

From progress shots to the finished product, promote your Daisy Expert work. The straight forward and ‘easy’ pools are just as important as the tricky ones. Upload your photos and tag us #daisypoolcovers so we can share and engage with you more to increase your profile and share your work. We’ll of course credit you for the photos!

Check out some of our domestic, commercial and WinterKleen install photos here.

If you’re not active on social media, you can also send photos to your local Daisy Area Manager by phone, or email your photos.

WinterKleen Proving to be a Year Round Clean!

We may have to look at changing the name of the WinterKleen because a WinterKleen is loved by any pool owner that has a leaf or any other debris problem – year round!


Pool owners will love you forever – regardless of season – when you show them what the WinterKleen can do for them … all year round! It saves hours of time over any season by keeping their pool clean. Effortlessly!

Removing the WinterKleen even if it is full of leaves is a piece of cake compared to trying to spend so many laborious hours cleaning the pool.


Since we extended the colour range to Blue, Green or Black, we have seen a steady increase in sales to the point where we have had to increase our production and resources to accommodate. Now well into spring, we are prepared for the steady growth in orders that will continue year – round for this popular product.


Before each WinterKleen is put into production we take extra special care and steps to make sure we get it right the first time.

A plan is drawn up on a special program to make sure we get the dimensions and shape right. We then email our retailers the plan with an authority to sign off (once again making sure that you and the pool owner agree with the size and shape before we make it). Once the plan has been signed off and returned, the Daisy sewing department springs into action to create their magic.


The Daisy sewing department does it all! They edge the covers, take care of wind skirting and make every WinterKleen to measure including any special modifications that we need to do for you. Believe me…they are kept very busy and they love it!

For a full product description, check out our product pages.


Summer 2017 in full swing!

The exceptional uptake of the new Under Bench Roller has been astounding and looking great for 2017 with each UBR custom made to fit each pool’s size and shape.

It’s been a challenge but our amazing team have made sure that UBR deliveries will be maintained to plan in line with our pool cover production which is already in full summer production.


Orders are showing no signs of slowing down and we have moved extra resources into place so supply will not be interrupted. Whilst the UBR may be a week or two of slow delivery nearing the end of October or early November, we are aiming to keep any disruptions in supply to an absolute minimum. With the ramp up of production, we expect the flow to be consistent from November onwards.

Our commitment to our retailers and our end customer is unwavering and we have production in place to maintain our high level of service and supply for of all Daisy products.

Another way Daisy helps you sell more!

Leading Poolside Innovation and Style

The retail industry is forever changing and it can be challenging with fluctuating economies and the digital age. Critical to this is continuous innovation by manufacturers and being responsive to styles and trends by designers. To an extent, retailers rely on this as having products that sell well helps sales.

For over 30 years, Daisy Pool Covers and Rollers have led the industry by constantly innovating with new, on-trend products that fit the bill for Aussie backyards, as well as the way they engage and communicate with families around Australia.

“It’s important that we understand market trends. In the pool leisure industry, businesses are not just selling products like chlorine, pumps or pool covers… they are selling lifestyle, design and enjoyment in their customers’ back yard” said Daisy’s Managing Director, Derek Prince. “We need to constantly innovate both in the products we offer and how they look focusing on design trends like what colours people are using to style their entertainment areas, the amount they are prepared to spend and the practicalities of our products.”

When over two thirds of Australians make their buying decisions using the internet, businesses like Daisy need to more than ever be able to influence buying decisions online, as well as offline. Working on retail principle of ‘push-pull’ strategies, Daisy develops and promotes their products on and offline so consumers want to buy them (the pull) and support their retailers with sales material and promotions to sell their products (the push).

Leading Poolside Innovation and Style 2

Products that sell.

With a focus on design and style, Daisy operates on a strategically planned funnel of new products. This is a big shift from the standard white roller and blue pool covers. Examples of recently released on-trend products include the stylish stainless steel 316ST Rollers that are designed to complement the modern pool setting of any backyard and the newly released Daisy Under Bench Roller. Practical as it has multiple uses – a seat and a roller – and it adds style poolside as it hides the roller and is available in three modern colours in aluminium, wood-look finishes.

Leading Poolside Innovation and Style 3

Promote and engage using digital media.

A good product doesn’t sell itself. Retailers need suppliers to promote and support sales. “Innovation is beyond products. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a key focus. But we also need to be right up with the digital age and understand our target market” continues Mr Prince. “At Daisy, for the fourth year in a row, we’ve launched a summer long campaign with creative around an on-trend challenge and promoted through digital and social channels.”

What’s more on trend than the DAB! DABBING has become a global craze over the past year with celebrities, politicians and even royals performing the dance move in public.

If you’ve never heard of it or simply aren’t quite sure what all the fuss is about, then read on. The dabbing craze sees people point one arm upwards towards the sky while also bowing their head into their other arm. That’s it!

Now the ever innovative Daisy Pool Covers and Rollers has launched its new summer campaign and coined it ‘The Daisy DAB’ challenge. Simply do the DAB by a swimming pool and submit a photo or video and win drones, spending money at local pool stores and even the latest iPhone8 or Galaxy 8! #thedaisydab officially launches 1 November 2017 and ends on Valentine’s Day, 14 February 2018.

What Is Roller Burn?

Roller Burn is when the pool cover is stored on the roller without the over cover being used to protect the pool cover.

What happens is the sun passes down through the layers, increasing in heat from layer to layer…superheating the pool cover. The compounding heating effect always happens in the same place at the top of the pool cover roll (as the pool cover is always wound up the same way).

Identifying roller burn can be difficult in the early stages, however there are a few tell-tale signs you can look out for.

  1. Pool covers can shrink up to 1% of their length with how they are made however they simply can’t shrink in their width naturally. If the pool cover has shrunk in the width, it is typically the first sign of it being stored on the roller without the over cover in place. The pool cover will shrink at the corners first, then in the width as the Roller Burn becomes more visible.
  2. Roller burn lines are easily spotted as the Roller Burn has ‘shrunk’ the pool cover material in superheated lines across the pool cover – in line with the top revolutions of the roller. These lines are approximately every 600mm and they start from about the second layer of pool cover down from the top of the roll. Depending on how long the damage has been occurring and how long the pool cover is, it will go almost all the way to the other end.

The pool cover will still operate normally regardless of the lines and shrinkage; the only adverse effect will be in the life of the pool cover. Typically we find where the overheating of the roller burn has occurred, the life of the pool cover decreases.

What does pool cover roller burn look like?

How Cool is a Pre Cut Pool Cover?

Custom cut pool covers are a winner not only for good looks (which come with a good fit), but saves you time and wastage.

For accurately measured pools or pre-manufactured fibreglass pools (where we have the data), Daisy can use ‘the machine that goes bing’ to pre-cut for you.

Whether you want your solar pool cover cut to shape, or your Thermotech foam cover cut out or even a black dig template or blue sales template cut out Daisy can cut it out BEFORE you get it.

Check out the video to see how easy Daisy makes it look!

Daisy has invested a huge amount of time and resources to make your life easier – just one more way that Daisy is helping you sell more.