I love my WinterKleen all year round.

Don’t be fooled by the name.

The WinterKleen has long been the go-to answer for pool owners with high debris problems.

The covers are a solution product. If you have customers inundated with leaves or any other debris, regardless of the season, WinterKleen is a saviour!

Made from a special non stretch porous material to let water in but everything else out, WinterKleen is a product that simply works.

Read what a first time customer emailed Daisy here:

Daisy Pool Cover Review

If you would like some more training on the Winterkleen range, contact your Daisy Area Manager – it will help you sell more! Drop a line to:

New Roller – 316ST – available 1st November 2016

The new 316ST roller is right on trend with its stainless steel look to match any modern and stylish setting. Modern and yet sophisticated, the 316ST roller is a perfect match with the Titanium range of pool covers to compliment the most contemporary pool settings.

It features:

  • 50mm x 25mm frame
  • 385mm diameter stainless steel hand wheel
  • 5 Star aluminium pre manufactured tube assembly
  • cover attachments and an over cover
  • full 10 year pro rata warranty.

When style meets sales.

The 316ST roller is a perfect reason to upsell. Just a small step up price point-wise from our standard rollers, it’s RRP $825 (4.6m) makes it an easy upsell. Higher price points, higher sales!
316st-pool-rollerNew range and codes:

  • 40316ST $825.00
  • 43316ST $825.00
  • 46316ST $825.00
  • 49316ST $879.00
  • 52316ST $879.00
  • 55316ST $879.00
  • 58316ST $879.00
  • 61316ST $879.00
  • 64316ST $879.00

Stay informed!  CATCH UP with your Daisy Area Manager to find out more about the new 316ST roller.


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Note: 316 stainless steel in certain environments can get a discolouring mould appearing on the surface that may look like rust (especially indoors in high chlorine or low air flow). This discolouration is not rust. Rust is a red oxide on the surface that flakes off, whereas the mould can be washed and scrubbed off with a light bleach and non-abrasive kitchen cloth sourer. If stainless steel is scratched, the marks will not affect the performance of the product. Scratches and marks are not covered under the warranty.

Everyone Loves a Photobomb or a Bombie!


Commencing 1st November, the Daisy BEST AUSSIE PHOTOBOMB Challenge –#bestphotobomb– will launch nationally through social media. By now, you should have received your point of sale material – tent cards to put on your counters and pocket cards to hand to your customers. It’s a whole lot of summer fun and it’s a great way to engage with your customers.

About #bestphotobomb

The Challenge will run over three and a half months from 1 November 2015 to 14 February 2017 via Facebook and Instagram. Why 14 February – it’s Valentine’s Day and want to share the love!

To enter, participants hashtag their best Aussie photobomb or bombie photo or video (must be taken in or by a pool) with #bestphotobomb, upload onto the Daisy Pool Covers Facebook page and/or Instagram, and get lots of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ to be in the running to win a BOOM of UE Megaboom waterproof speakers and $500 worth of pool maintenance and supplies from their local Daisy Expert every month over summer! It could be you!

Visit the Daisy website for the official rules and more information.

VISIT US and SHARE our post on your Facebook page. We’ll do the same!

If you haven’t received your tent and pocket cards, contact your Daisy Area Manager:

Ready for a BOOM & A BOMB!

The Daisy summer Challenge is set to start again soon!

Ready, Set …. Go! The Daisy BEST AUSSIE PHOTOBOMB Challenge is set to start 1 November 2016!

Show us your best Aussie photobomb or bombie photo or video, #bestphotobomb, get loads of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ and you’re in the running to win a thumping UE Megaboom waterproof speaker and $500 worth of pool maintenance and supplies from your local Daisy Expert – every month of summer!

We can’t wait as it’s yet again awesome fun with the coolest prizes out. Follow our Daisy Facebook page for the latest details.

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Ready to Swim?

Winter has (finally!) broken and Spring has sprung!

After such a long winter, we may be now gazing towards the swimming pool wondering how long before we can jump in and enjoy a swim in the nice hot weather. There may even be a few of us wondering what chemical experiment is laying out there waiting for us!

One way to prepare for the swimming season is to call your local and trusted pool expert to get them to do a pre-season service to have your pool ready to swim in without any hassle.

If the buck stops at you … then let’s get out there this weekend and get it sorted!

If you have a Daisy WinterKleen pool cover you’re pretty well on your way to uncovering a pristine clean pool (that is a product plug for those that didn’t get it 😉 )

  1. Before we do anything to the pool water, let’s clean up the back yard around the pool. Make sure the pool area is clear of all leaves dirt and debris.
  2. If you have a pool cover, remove, clean and store it correctly. Then scoop out all the floating material you can.
  3. Check the water level. Make sure the water level is correct – half way up the skimmer box is normal for most pools.

Tip#1: After a lot of rain regardless of the season the pool water chemistry will be diluted. Always check the chemical levels after big rainfalls.

  1. If you have a salt water pool, make sure your cell is clean.
  2. Turn on your pump and filter system, make sure no off-season damage has occurred. Look for visual signs of leakage and generally make sure your whole system works the way it normally does. Leave it running for 8–10 hours.
  3. Now is the time to get out the cleaner and get to work.
  4. Check the chemical levels – it’s usually easier, cheaper and safer to take a water sample to your local pool shop for an expert to water test it. They give great advice on how to properly balance your water chemistry to get it out of the ‘winter blues’ into the ‘hello summer’ mode!

Tip#2: Make sure you take the water sample from elbow depth down. It is important that the chemistry of pool water is correctly measured at around 400mm below the surface of the water. Taking samples from the top of the pool will give incorrect readings that may well result in incorrect advice.

  1. Finally make sure your pool is safe, that the fence is secure, the gate is self-closing, there are no climbable objects outside the fence, any handrails into the pool are secure, and have a first aid kit handy and resuscitation board visible.

Remember if you need a hand, your local pool expert is there to help. They have the experience to check your pool and equipment to make sure it is fit to swim in. You may even find it cheaper and easier to get the experts in to check it all for you.

Happy Swimming!

If you need any assistance with your pool, check in with one of our Daisy Experts for advice.