Just leave a quote…

Let your customers know you supply pool covers

In today’s digital world, the old saying ‘look after your customer or someone else will’ could not be more true!

Today’s consumer is more educated and has more information at their fingertips so as a service orientated industry we must constantly tell them what we do, along with what we can do for them.

A lesson learnt a few years ago was in the drought era, when a customer walks in-store – unless you 100% know that they have a pool cover – you would offer them one. Along with most savvy service people, when they turned up onsite, if there was not a pool cover there they would simply leave a quote for one.

The people that adopted this mentality would sell a whole lot more pool covers and rollers than those that waited for their customers to find out about covers and ask them.

Today we don’t have the same drought but the theory does not change, let you customers know regularly what products and services you have available… you don’t want them ‘finding’ a product you supply elsewhere as this is a fast way to lose a good customer, so keep informing them by word of mouth, emails, SMS or even simply by leaving a quote.

A great way some people achieve this is by having a product of the month, whether it be a Daisy pool cover, a pool cleaner, monthly onsite service or anything else make sure everyone who has any contact with the consumer all offer the product of the month, just a way to keep your customer informed what you do and to open conversations to help you sell more.

Want to have a further conversation about this?

Contact Derek at the Admin Centre derek@daisypoolcovers.com.au  or your local Area Managers:

Lee lee@daisypoolcovers.com.au
Brett brett@daisypoolcovers.com.au
John john@daisypoolcovers.com.au

Does the whole pool need to be covered?

Daisy makes it easier

When there are obstructions or irregular shaped pools, a question we are often asked is: how will we make it work?

For the customer this question can be for a number of reasons, their pool may be:

  • Free form pools that have a very irregular shape
  • Large step areas (or sections) that protrude in an unusual way
  • Step areas (or sections) that are inaccessible
  • Posts or pots obstructing the use of a roller
  • Not enough room for a roller full width.

Daisy CAN help (it’s even easier if you send a photo)! The aim of making a pool cover easier to use is so that the customer will actually use their pool cover.

If the pool cover is too hard to use then they will tend to leave it to one side and not worry about using it.

To make pool covers more user friendly, we may advise not to cover the whole pool area. It is ok to leave some parts uncovered for ease of use.

For some shapes we will advise to leave a section uncovered, the heat loss (lack of insulation) or lack of heating, and even the evaporation is a direct ratio of how much of the pool is covered to how much is uncovered.

The evaporation can only occur on the uncovered section, so if you have 95% of the pool covered they are stopping 95% of the evaporation. The trade-off for the small amount of evaporation far outweighs the customer actually being able to use the pool cover.

Sometimes the shape of the pool will equal the usage and the advice. Send a photo to Daisy for assistance and expert advice if your customer is ok for you to defer the advice to your supplier for special or unusual installations. Email us at hello@daisypoolcovers.com.au


It’s Autumn time

We mean… WinterKleen time!

With parts of Australia cooling down along with a seasonal change there is an increased demand on covering and protecting the pool from leaves, dirt and rubbish entering the pool.

The WinterKleen has long been the go-to answer for pool owners who experience high debris problems, and this year is no exception.

By covering the pool with the porous WinterKleen material all the dirt stays out of the water while letting the water pass through. So keeping the debris out of the pool it makes your customers life much easier and they love their pool (and you) a little more.

With a WinterKleen it makes looking after the pool so much easier. And this year we have had an increased demand. It’s ok – we are still custom making the covers and dispatching them in a matter of days!

The new Black WinterKleen has been a remarkable hit, steady sales of the new product has validated the latest addition to the range.

Know how to measure for a rectangular or a shaped WinterKleen pool cover? If you need a hand, feel free to give your local Area Manager a call.

Contact the Admin Centre or have a look at the How To videos here.

Or check out the All Year Round brochure here.

Importantly, let your customers and database know you have these products available, there may be sales waiting for you that you don’t know about!