Keep safe with pool chemicals this summer

4 important tips to keep you safe

Without getting too technical about pool chemicals, you would have heard words like: disinfectants, oxidising agents, stabilisers and sanitising agents, along with good old chlorine.

There are some chemicals that have the ability to react with each other with some pretty nasty effects including fire and explosions. These reactions can be spontaneous at either room temperature or with slight heating.

Some pool chemicals can also be corrosive to both metal and our body. The effect on human tissue and metals depends on the chemical and the concentration so we want you to be as safe as possible to enjoy your pool. Here are four important tips to keep you safe:

  1. Always read chemical labels
  2. Never mix chemicals, even if they are the same brand
  3. Always add chemicals to water… not the other way around
  4. NEVER smoke around pool chemicals.

The chemicals used in and around your pool are perfectly safe to use if they are stored in a well ventilated cool dry place in closed containers out of the reach of children (and pets) and when handled correctly with appropriate personal protective equipment (especially glasses and gloves). We want to help make sure there are no nasty accidents so you can enjoy your pool with minimal fuss. Take care when handling all chemicals and always wash your hands with plenty of fresh water when you have finished and please especially avoid contact with your skin and eyes.

Remember… if you are not 100% sure how to handle any of your pool chemicals see your local pool shop for all the correct advice. Stay safe.

There has been some media attention around pools and adding chemicals; watch this video

Expert Tip: Make sure you have your resuscitation chart clear and visible in your pool area, not only in many parts of Australia it is a requirement, it can help you in a time of need to avoid panic and give lifesaving help.

Are you losing pool water over summer?

How to test if it’s a leak or evaporation

At this time of year with the heat of summer many pool owners think they have a leak in their pool as they seem to always have a hose hanging in the pool and constantly topping it up.

We’ve seen hoses with white chlorine bleached ends where they have been hanging in the pool. The owners complain that the hose has to stay there as they are tired of pulling it out every second day to top up the water level.

To see if you have a leak or if the water being lost is simply from evaporation; it’s easy!

Put a full bucket of water by your pool and measure the height of the water in your pool (and record it for accuracy). Wait a number of days to a week then measure how far the water level in the pool and the water level in the bucket has dropped. They should both drop the same amount in millimetres as water evaporates at the same rate regardless of surface area (it is only the volume that is different).

To put this into perspective, let’s work out how much water you are putting in your pool:

  1. Most hoses run at about 17 litres per minute. If you have a hose running flat out for 30 minutes you are using just over 500 litres. If you are topping up your pool 2 to 3 times per week then you are using between 1,000 to 1,500 litres per week. Or around 4,000 to 6,500 litres per month… and that is only at 30 minutes, how long do you run your hose for?
  2. If your pool is 9.2m by 4.5m, for every millimetre the water level goes down is 41.4 litres. So topping your pool up from around 1/3rd way up the skimmer box to about ½ way say 25mm means you are adding 1,035 litres of water to your pool.

Evaporation rates are higher over summer

To stop evaporation, cover your pool with a Daisy. This is effectively putting a lid on your pool to stop the water loss, not to mention saving chemicals and helping keep your pool a bit warmer and cleaner.
Daisy pool covers have been independently tested to retain 99.9% of water using the ASTM E96-2005 Water Vapour Transmission test.

For more information including the different types of evaporation for capital cities around Australia and how wind can more than double the daily evaporation rate, read our Evaporation Fact Sheet.

Help your customers conquer their high leaf or debris problem

Help your customers conquer their high leaf or debris problem

Sell them a WinterKleen cover – Black, Blue or Green!

It may be summer when our customers are typically spending more time entertaining friends by the pool however there are many who are experiencing a continuous debris problem around their pools. And, without pointing blame, generally the source of this problem tends to be from the next door neighbour’s tree (wink – nudge)!

For our customers enduring a high leaf or debris load there is an easy solution. The WinterKleen is the ideal product range for them all year round. What’s new with our WinterKleen covers?

The New Black

Don’t cringe with us using this cliché line (because we’re going to use it anyway)… due to customer demand, Daisy has produced a brand new WinterKleen Black.

The new WinterKleen Black has been specifically designed and developed for our customers who prefer a clean, sleek, unobtrusive and natural look in their backyards rather than introducing a blue or green colour into the mix.

WinterKleen Black also offers the All Year Round solution by keeping all the dust and debris out of the pool while still allowing the water to pass through. The Black is the same weight and the same cost as the standard WinterKleen Blue or Green – refer to Daisy Yearbook on page 21 or via our Get a Quote tool.

The WinterKleen Black is available now!

Simply specify the colour when you order… Black, Blue or Green.

Latest All Year Round brochure

The new Daisy All Year Round brochure is now available and is updated with current information and real reasons why many people love having both a summer solar pool cover and a winter debris protection cover to make their year round enjoyment of their pool a pleasure.

With an abundance of thick leafy backyards in Australia there are lots of customers who have conquered their high debris problem with their WinterKleen! WinterKleen pool covers make looking after pools a lot easier. Be your customer’s hero and introduce them to the WinterKleen pool cover range – available now in Black, Blue and Green.

If you have any questions or feedback on this new cover please get in touch with us directly or contact your Daisy Area Manager anytime. We’re here to listen, help and take care of the little things .

The UltraDome story

The UltraDome story

Daisy’s search for the perfect bubble

ONCE UPON A TIME, Aussie families had no other choice but to use pool covers that used to fail badly and leave little pool cover circles in the pool when they came to the end of their life. This pre-UltraDome bubble shape created unwanted weak points causing premature disintegration of their entire pool covers.

Australia’s favourite pool cover, Daisy, knew something had to change. In search of the perfect bubble size, shape and material, Daisy underwent years of pool cover modelling, testing and analysis.

Some years later Daisy introduced the award-winning UltraDome bubble!

The special UltraDome bubble shape gave the ultimate material flow during manufacture and consistent thickness throughout the bubble and also eliminated the weak points. With 1/3 of total material in the top layer and 2/3 in the bottom layer, these covers were stronger and lasted much longer than other standard ones.

Even though Aussie families were satisfied with the performance of their pool cover bubbles, Daisy came to realise how important it was in allowing the sun’s energy to pass easily through the cover to enter the water. “Ah huh! With less energy being used to pass through, the more energy there would be available to warm the water,” mused Daisy.

With this, Daisy went back to the workshop to invent a new transparent bubble to maximise heat and retention. After much toil, the very latest in pool cover technology was brought to the industry by Daisy this year with the launch of UltraDome+. The difference being that both top and bottom layers could allow maximum sun energy to pass through without interruption.

UltraDome+ was a winning layer combination as only UltraDome+ bubbles showcased a unique clear top and a specially formulated translucent bottom. These pool covers complemented contemporary backyard landscapes and now continue to be a premium choice for Aussie pool owners. And to this day, the UltraDome+ Titanium range has been a hot seller with huge demand. Daisy loved seeing the photos of happy customers with their new Titanium pool cover installations being posted on Facebook and positive feedback being emailed directly. Aussie pools were transformed with the new bubble technology and everyone lived happily ever after. THE END!

Latest updates

Read here for more on the latest Daisy pool cover range changes:

S8 SB Silver Back: as this range has become obsolete it has been discontinued due to huge demand for the latest UltraDome+ Titanium range.

S8 Green: The standard Series 8 Green has been superseded and is now being supplied as Titanium Green.

S8 SS Solar Screen: With the UltraDome+ Titanium technology, Daisy is currently designing and testing a product upgrade of this solar screen range.

Advances with this new non-heating technology are:

  • a new non-heating opaque material
  • with evaporation and a unique cooling control
  • a new desirable appearance for the warmer climates; or for Aussies who just want to keep their pool cooler, or even to have a better external heating control over the pool temperature.

This S8 SS Solar Screen product upgrade should be available to your customers soon. Stay tuned for more details, or feel free to catch up with your Daisy Area Manager for updates.

#bestaussieselfie ends Australia Day

#bestaussieselfie ends Australia Day

Last chance for your customers to enter!

#bestaussieselfie has achieved excellent traction so far and we’ve have received some really great entries.

The summer promotion ends on Australia Day so get some further interaction with your customers, let them know the promo is coming to an end and get them involved by entering their best Aussie inspired selfie by their pool, who knows, they might win… then you can win as well.

We’ve had two winners already for November and December – Daisy has given away two Apple iWatches and two prizes of $500 to be spent by our winners in their Daisy Expert’s store. Yes, Daisy credits the store $500 so the winner can spend the money in any way they like.

Check out our winning December entry from Rio Giannopoulos from Victoria who is spending his $500 prize at winning Daisy Expert Poolwerx Moorabbin.

#bestaussieselfie has been designed to engage with our customers, and to have a bit of fun with us and around their pool. It all helps build solid relationships with our customers… our pool shops… and Daisy.

Most of all, it’s a great opportunity to interact with your customers, keep relevant in their minds and be their go-to person for all pool information, advice, service, supplies and fun! Thanks for your continued support.