Bust out your Aussie and get social this summer!


As Australia’s favourite pool cover, we want to create genuine reasons for customers to engage with you and to choose to buy their pool covers and rollers from you, our valued Daisy Experts.

To help us do this, and following the success of last year’s Best Splash Challenge, we’re set to kick off a brand new Aussie inspired summer campaign.

Commencing 1st November, the Daisy BEST AUSSIE SELFIE Challenge –#bestaussieselfie – will launch nationally through social media and backed by online advertising and point of sale material for you. Designed to help you sell more, it brings Daisy to the forefront as Australia’s favourite pool cover – sold by you!

With some great prizes and a lot of fun, 2015/ 16 is set to be a truly amazing Aussie summer season for us all. The #bestaussieselfie campaign will help you start the conversation and get social with your customers – offline and online.

#bestaussieselfie Explained
The campaign will run over three months from 1 November 2015 to Australia Day – 26 January 2016 via Facebook and Instagram. We will start with the teaser through digital promotions and advertising from the 1st October.

To enter, participants hashtag their best Aussie selfie photo or video with #bestaussieselfie, upload onto the Daisy Pool Covers Facebook page and/ or Instagram, and get lots of ‘likes’ to be in the running to win each month an Apple Watch and $500 worth of pool maintenance and supplies from their local Daisy Expert! How cool is that!

Like last year, Daisy will pay for the Apple Watches, and we’ll pay for the $500 each month to be spent in your store. You will get all the publicity and business if they live near you! Visit the bestaussieselfie.com.au page on our website for the official rules and more information.

Getting It Out There #bestaussieselfie
This summer promotion is on trend and fun! It helps build interest into our market sector and drive sales. We hope you’ll support this by promoting and encouraging entry with your customers – after all, if they win, you get the business and the extra publicity!
To promote and explain the campaign, we’ve created tent cards that can be placed on your counters and near high traffic areas, along with supporting pocket cards that can be kept in your wallet or purse for easy access!


There are multiple ways you can engage your customers using the tools




Display the point of sale tent cards and familiarise your staff with the campaign
‘Like’ the Daisy Facebook page
Pull out a pocket card and give one to your customer when they walk into your shop
Follow us by liking, and commenting on #bestaussieselfie related posts


Have they heard about the challenge?
Do they know anyone who may be interested in participating?
Share #bestaussieselfie related posts to your own network to increase reach


Tell them to visit bestaussieselfie.com.au on our website or the Daisy Facebook page for more info
Log on to bestaussieselfie.com.au from your iPhone or Android or any internet device and show them on the spot how it works


Invite them to enter by going to the Daisy Facebook page and/ or their own Instagram to upload their BEST AUSSIE SELFIE photo or video and hashtag with #bestaussieselfie to be in the running for some great monthly prizes!
Remind them to tag themselves and @daisypoolcoversandrollers in their post


Encourage them to get their friends to ‘like’ their post and comment on their selfie.
Offer to ‘like’ and share their post when they enter and follow the progress of their entry

GET IN TOUCH with your Daisy Area Manager, SUBSCRIBE to our monthly ‘Daisy eNews’ via our website, LIKE US and FOLLOW US on Facebook for all the latest news and tips.

Thank you for your continued support of Daisy. May this promotion bring you lots of new business and even more fun over the summer!

For more details and full Terms and Conditions visit bestaussieselfie.com.au

Daisy Poll Covers - Australia's Favourite

Pool covers that will make it onto your customer’s wish list

The latest S8+ Titanium covers will woo anyone this summer!

With pool technology rapidly improving, pool cover aesthetics have also come a long way. It’s time to throw away any stigma attached to using outdated – has-been – pool covers and get with the times.

Daisy’s latest UltraDome+™ Titanium pool covers may just woo your customers and make their way onto their wish list this summer season! The S8+ Titanium range offers a modern and sophisticated design to complement latest pool landscapes and fittings and its many additional benefits make it much easier to sell to your customers. Are you familiar with these benefits?


The UltraDome+ Titanium range – S8+TB and S8+TG

The new UltraDome+ Titanium range not only utilises the UltraDome bubble technology, it has been designed and tested to let the maximum amount of the sun’s energy through and less out.

A winning layer combination

The sun’s energy needs to be able to pass easily through the transparent material to enter the water. The less energy being used to pass through, the more energy there is available to warm the water. The UltraDome+ clear top and translucent bottom is a winning layer combination as both layers allow maximum sun energy to pass through without interruption.

How does the UltraDome+ Titanium range compare with other covers on the market?

Daisy Pool Covers Series 8 Pool Cover Features

We love hearing your feedback!

Thank you! We’ve received an overwhelming response so far with lots of photos of the new UltraDome+ Titanium pool cover installations being posted on Facebook and photos and feedback being emailed directly to us. It’s been an encouraging start to the launch of the new range which is gearing up towards a huge demand for the S8+TB and S8+TG covers over the summer. They’re available now! Just make an order online using your Expert Login.

Download the Series 8 UltraDome+ Titanium Flyer for more information.

In the name of innovation

Check out our new product upgrades:

S8 SB Silver Back: As this range is fast becoming obsolete it will be discontinued within the next month due to huge demand for the latest UltraDome+ Titanium range.

S8 SS Solar Screen: With the UltraDome+ Titanium technology, Daisy is currently designing and testing a product upgrade of this solar screen range.

Advances with the new non-heating technology are:

  • a new non-heating opaque material
  • with evaporation and a unique cooling control
  • a new desirable appearance for the warmer climates; or for Aussies who just want to keep their pool cooler, or even to have a better external heating control over the pool temperature.

This S8 SS Solar Screen product upgrade should be available to your customers by the New Year. Stay tuned for more details; or feel free to catch up with your Daisy Area Manager for updates.

New Dig Template sales tool for you!

Take risk out of the equation for your new pool owners

Fibreglass pool installers find our Daisy Dig Templates useful in helping to accurately set out the pool location and mark out the dig on fibreglass pools.

Dig Templates are traditionally black in colour and made out of durable polyethylene (PE) material. As black is sometimes difficult to visualise as pool water, we’ve developed something new!

Sales Templates are now available in translucent blue PE material. The improved colour has been designed to make it easier for new pool owners to visualise the pool installed in their backyard. With the data collected from the pool shell we can make the templates the perfect sales tool while measuring up at a potential customer’s yard. They can even be used as the dig template to pre-cut to the pool’s exact shape.

Why Sales Templates are perfect for new pool owners?

  1. Visually inspiring translucent blue colour
  2. Takes the risk out of the process
  3. A perfect size and shape is guaranteed, saving time and costs.

Sales Templates are used to position the pool in the yard to get the sizing and positioning just right for your customer. It saves time and second guessing especially as mum will be able to see the pool from the lounge room window, and dad can also get a concept of where the fencing will need to go. The new translucent blue colour will help your customer visualise and make a speedier decision!


Codes and pricing:

Blue Translucent Sales Templates

Made from single piece blue 150um PE material

BST7 $81.00 + GST or Blue Sales Template to fit pools up to 7.0 meters long

BST10 $95.00 + GST or 1 Blue Sales Template to fit pools 7.1 meters to 10.0 meters long

BST10+ $110.00 + GST Blue Sales Template to fit pools over 10.1 meters long


Black Dig Templates

Made from single piece black PE material

DT7 $56.00 Black Dig Template to fit pools up to 7.0 meters long

DT10 $65.00 Black Dig Template to fit pools 7.1 meters to 10.0 meters long

DT10+ $74.00 Black Dig Template to fit pools over 10.1 meters long


+ GST and freight min $20 Startrack per Template.