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All Daisy products come with a pro-rata warranty and are dispatched with love from our warehouse with a Warranty Form and care and maintenance instructions.

Don’t risk losing your warranty information or waiting until your shopper docket has faded! Register your warranty now along with your proof of purchase.

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We rarely get a warranty claim and hopefully with our high quality standards, you’ll never have to call us but just in case anything goes wrong we’re here to help you. We stand by our quality product.

Industry Leading Warranty of up to 10 years for Series 8 Pool Covers

The average life of a Series 8 pool cover is eight years. When installed and used correctly, your Daisy can last a lot longer!

To ensure you are getting the most of out of your Daisy, we offer you an extended pro-rata warranty of up to 10 years if your Daisy is installed by a Daisy Expert.

If you have a Series 8 pool cover that was installed by a Daisy Expert then you are eligible for the 10 year extended warranty. Please contact your local pool retailer to arrange for your Daisy to be installed properly by a professional. 

More on Daisy Warranties:

  • Our warranties are pro-rata month by month and the length of period differs from product to product.
  • Daisy will pay for the amount of time, up to the maximum warranty period, the customer does not achieve the desired results from their pool cover.
  • The customer pays for the period of time during which they used the product.
  • Our warranties are not redeemable for cash, only as a discount on a replacement cover purchase.
  • Quick summary of our pro-rata warranty coverage:

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  • S3 Series 3 (200um) UltraDomeTM            3 Years
  • S4 Series 4 (300um) UltraDomeTM            4 Years
  • S5 Series 5 (400um) UltraDomeTM            5 Years
  • S8+Series 8 (500um)UltraDomeTM+          8-10 Years
  • S8 Series 8 (500um) UltraDomeTM            8-10 Years
  • ThermoTech 3mm Foam                          8-10 Years[/pl_alertbox]

If you haven’t already registered your warranty with us, not a problem. The old system of providing your proof of purchase will work. We will not shy away from any quality issues we have. Never have and never will!

We hope you continue to love your Daisy as much as we do.

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Making it easier to order and pay direct

Your new Expert Login has given many of you the opportunity to securely pay monthly accounts via the NAB credit card gateway. Not to mention the ease of placing orders directly to Daisy using the order functionality.

By simply logging on here you have direct access to the Expert Login area. For those who have used it, tell us what you think!

By the way, have you noticed the Warranty Registration area for your customer?

This is the easiest way for your customers to register their Daisy warranty and make sure they receive their 10 year pro-rata warranty on Series 8 pool covers when you install them.

Oh, did you miss the 10 year pro-rata warranty on Series 8 pool covers when you install them?

To receive the extended warranty, all your consumer needs to do is register their warranty, show their proof of purchase of the Series 8 pool cover and indicate that you installed it for them. Read about it here  or view the Pool Covers Warranty Form.

It’s in the detail

We take care of the little things…

It’s the little things that make Daisy… Daisy. We’re passionate about what we do and don’t believe in a set and forget attitude. We’re constantly listening to you and actively evaluating the products we make and supply to ensure you and your customers are getting the very best quality product.

When we hear or see an opportunity to improve, we act on it! This is one of the many reasons that we can proudly stand behind the products we supply and give you the very best service.

With the launch of the new Series 8 UltraDome+ Titanium range it is probably worth looking back over the last year or so and share some of the finer improvements we have made that you may not have even noticed that keep Daisy industry leading and Australia’s favourite pool covers and rollers.

Little improvements we’ve made:

  • WinterKleen Cord and Fittings: Upgraded cord to 8 plat PP Australian made cord. We used to use a nylon ski rope that we found could slip through the fitting clamp so we sourced a better quality Aussie product that does not slip and is easier on your hand to use.

WinterKleen Cord and Fittings

  • WinterKleen Thread: We have ensured all WinterKleen thread used in our sewing machine utilises a special Teflon thread. This is hugely expensive however we know the thread will not fail. Thread failure was a problem with WinterKleens as they sit in or very close to the water and once the thread fails, the cover comes apart.
  • Pool Cover Master-Batch Compound: Upgraded the pool cover master-batch compound to make it slightly more pliable.
  • UTC Roller Tubes: All UTC roller tubes are now anodised. The anodising protects the tubes making them look nicer for longer and don’t discolour.
  • UTC Tube Sets: All UTC tuber sets now come with stainless steel self-drilling screws. To make installation quicker and easier no longer do you have to drill then drive in a screw, all UTC rollers are now standard with self-drilling screws.
  • Roller Range End Slugs: The entire roller range has been updated with solid end slugs with retaining bolt and washers. We have upgraded the end slugs from the hollow style with an internal retaining cap that could (over time) walk out, and from time to time during transportation could get damaged; to a solid shaft that has a thread in the end, that a 8mm stainless bolt and retaining washer can be securely fastened to.

Daisy Axle Holder

  • Over-Cover Material Now Australian Made. Daisy has been able to negotiate with an Australian manufacturer to make our over-cover material base stock, giving you and your customers a locally made top quality product. All 5 star over-covers are pre-made to the roller tube size.
  • 5 Star Roller Tubes Pre-Assembles Fixed Length Tube. This is nothing new but is so special giving you a fixed length roller tube that is totally pre-assembled making it a stronger, better roller tube not to mention installation is almost too quick and easy.
  • All Roller-Cover Connection Cords Australian Made. Once again nothing new here, but these are such good quality we know you won’t have a problem because we have been using these for over 30 years now.
  • Pre-Cut Measure and Remeasure. Constant pre-cut measure and remeasure of pool shells to make sure data is as accurate as possible. 

If you have any questions or feedback on any of these products improvements please get in touch with us directly or contact your Daisy Area Manager anytime. We’re here to help you.

Industry 1st Pool Cover Technology


When it comes to pool cover aesthetics Daisy has it covered. Australia’s favourite pool cover has made the next biggest advancement since its award-winning UltraDomeTM with the latest industry leading innovative technology, UltraDome+.

As our Daisy Experts, we want to equip your pool shop with the very latest in pool cover technology. Available this season, we’re offering free upgrades to the new Series 8 Titanium range for the 2015-16 season. An enticing reason for new and existing customers to buy from you!

What makes UltraDome+ different?

UltraDome+ not only utilises the UltraDome bubble technology, it has been designed and tested to let the maximum amount of the sun’s energy through and less out. The clear top and translucent bottom is a winning layer combination as both layers allow maximum sun energy to pass through without interruption. This new Series 8 UltraDome+ Titanium range comes in modern blue and green colours to complement contemporary pool landscapes and fittings.

Your chance to see and experience it first!

Keep an eye out for the samples being sent to you in the mail so you can experience this new innovation for yourself; take them outside into the sun and have a look and feel! Download this flyer to read more about UltraDome+, the benefits and how it compares with other covers on the market.

Introductory offer: Over the 2015-16 season your customers will be entitled to free upgrades to the Series 8 UltraDome+ Titanium range, available in Titanium Blue (S8TB) and Green (S8TG). Pricing is in line with our Series 8 Pool Cover range. Order online now!


Springtime… here comes the sun!

Six steps for getting pool ready this spring.

With the amazing spring time sunshine we’ve had lately, now is time we shake off our winter woollies and trade the indoors for the fresh, breathtakingly beautiful Aussie outdoors.

It’s also time to start getting your pool ready for swimming. Not all of us may want to pull the Daisy cover off and jump in just yet however one of these fine weekends, it’s worth checking your pool to see just what is going on.

The water may look clean, but let’s check it first. You have two options here; start testing and adjusting the water chemistry yourself, or just take a water sample down to your local pool shop for some expert advice.

Expert Tip: If you’re going to get advice, get it from one source as conflicting advice can be given when they don’t have the whole picture.

The cheapest and easiest way to maintain your pool is to keep your water chemistry in order year round. With all the rain over the winter, your pool water has been heavily diluted. Without a bather load or debris in the pool it may look crystal clear however it most probably has next to no chemicals in the water.

Make sure all your pool equipment is at the ready and no one has used the pool brush to sweep the driveway or the telescopic pole as a limbo bar. You want to make sure your telescopic pole, vacuum head and hose, skimmer head, brush and test kit are all in order and operational.

As soon as you, your family or visitors start swimming and the outside temperature rises, you may find your water chemical levels imbalance quite quickly.

Get pool ready, now.

Opening your pool in the lead up to summer should be a low stress, highly anticipated event for the entire family. Assuming you’ve done some winter preparation by covering the pool and protecting the pump, your pool’s opening day should proceed free of trouble.

What you’ll need

  • Leaf blower (or broom)
  • Water source and hose
  • pH pool test kit
  • Pool filter
  • Pool chemicals.

What you need to do: Six Easy Steps

These should get you and your pool ready for a whole summer of Marco Polo and diving for dollars.

  1. Remove Leaves and Winter Debris. You may encounter winter residual leaves, dirt, and general weather build-up on and around the pool. Before removing the cover, blow any leaves or debris off the pool cover and the surrounding deck or patio.
  2. Remove the Pool Cover. Once you remove the cover, take the time to clean it properly before storing. If you have the space, spread out the cover and spray it off with the highest pressure your hose allows.
  3. Check the Water Level. Check the skimmer water level. For the pump to function properly, the water needs to be in the middle of the skimmer opening for proper circulation. Add or remove water accordingly. While waiting for the pool to fill, check and test all handrails, ladders, diving boards, and slides for loose bolts or other potentially unsafe conditions.
  4. Clean and Prepare the Pump. Check to see that all equipment is in working condition. Check hoses, pumps, and filters according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Start the circulation system and allow it to run for eight to 12 hours.
  5. Check the Chemical Levels. After the eight to 12-hour run time, check the pH level, total alkalinity, hardness of water due to calcium, chlorine and so on. Fill the test tube from your test kit with water retrieved from at least 400mm below the surface. Collect your sample away from the pump inlet. Add the test-specific amount of agent and cap tube and shake. Do not cover the tube with your finger. Oils introduced from your hand can compromise the results. Add chemicals in proper order to balance the water.
  6. Take Inventory of Supplies and Safety Measures. Check all support and safety items related to pool safety. Do you have a first aid kit fully stocked and within easy reach? Is your cleaning equipment in working order? Is the gate and latch secure to prevent accidental access or to secure the pool when you are away on holiday or business?


Remember if you need a hand, your local pool expert is there to help. They have the experience to check your pool and equipment to make sure it is fit to swim in. You may even find it cheaper and easier to get the experts in to check it all for you.

All the best with it!

Swim earlier, for longer and more often!

If you’re a pool owner without a Daisy, why not get yourself one?

A Daisy pool cover will have you swimming earlier by warming and insulating your pool water.

Most Daisy owners find that they can start swimming at least a month earlier than their Daisy-less cousins without a pool cover. And that’s not to mention the extra hours of swimming each day.

Without a pool cover a lot of us can get a bit chilly when the sun goes down and the pool water loses a lot of temperature as well. By having a Daisy on your pool during the day, it warms up the water nicely so that removing it for a late night swim easily becomes a very enjoyable swimming experience.

A pool cover also reduces the water loss due to evaporation. No your pool does not have a hole in it; the sun and especially wind evaporation can tear water out of your pool at an alarming rate without it covered. With a Daisy in place there is next to no evaporation.

If you are still reading this and need another reason to buy a Daisy, then of course there are the chemicals. A Daisy will reduce the chemical loss and even help keep your pool a bit cleaner.

If you haven’t already, go to your local Daisy Expert and demand one of Australia’s favourite pool covers. Find an Expert will help you check out where your nearest Daisy retailer store is.