Creative campaign helps build retailer confidence

Pool industry’s creative campaign made a splash helping build retailer confidence against current trends

In the pool leisure industry, businesses are not selling products like chlorine, pumps or pool covers… they are selling lifestyle, fun and enjoyment in their customers’ back yard. When over two thirds of Australians make their buying decisions using the internet, businesses like Daisy need to more than ever be able to influence buying decisions online, as well as offline. This requires an integrated strategy using all media as well as a relevant campaign to engage the target audience.

According to Daisy Pool Covers and Rollers Managing Director Derek Prince, Daisy’s 2014/15 summer campaign #bestsplashchallenge, which officially closed at the end of January with the Grand Prize winner announced this week, tackled this head on.

“The #bestsplashchallenge utilised a pull and push strategy and engaged end customers as well as our retail channel. We built an online audience around fun in the backyard pool by encouraging people to do what we all do… jump in and make a splash! Our customers were reached through the social media Challenge to create the best splash ever and win by getting the most likes on Facebook or Instagram,” Derek said.

Daisy also supported retailers through in-store point of sale material and driving sales to their store through social media. Many retailers got involved promoting the Challenge as well as having a bit of fun.

Southside Pool Services, based in Cannington WA, was the Daisy retailer from which the January and Grand Prize winner Rebecca McLevie collected her prize so Owner Peter Schmidt said he was grateful for the opportunity for the extra promotional exposure and potentially a new customer for his store.

“We were delighted at the chance to be involved with this creative promotional campaign over the last few months, it has really helped build great awareness of our store,” said Peter.

“The combination of social media with the relevant campaign idea was spot-on given their target market is young families around Australia,” he said.

“The number of entrants over the three months exceeded our expectations, the exposure of the challenge to consumers was also beyond our expectations, and the interaction with our consumers was absolutely fantastic,” said Derek.

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A rockstar effort from our Best Splash Grand Prize Winner!

With BEST SPLASH entries received from all around Australia over the summer months, the competition was fierce on Facebook and Instagram.

Our December BEST SPLASH Winner Rebecca McLevie of WA also took home the Grand Prize, which was $2,000 worth of pool maintenance and supplies from her closest Daisy Expert Southside Pool Service.

Rebecca’s winning BEST SPLASH video now has more than 2100 views, over 50 shares and nearly 130 likes including from the band Sheppard whose song Geronimo was used in the creatively choreographed video.

Last week Rebecca was presented with her prize by our Daisy Managing Director Derek Prince and Jarred Parry from Southside Pool Services in Cannington, WA. Rebecca who was accompanied by her brother and cousin said her prize was going to her Grandad as it was his pool they used on Christmas Day to shoot the video: “We use Grandad’s pool all the time, we even have pool parties there where there can be over 30 of us and Grandad will cook for us on the BBQ,” she said.

“I was so happy winning the GoPro last time and even took it to our Bali holiday immediately. The grand prize is awesome and I want it to go to Grandad to help him. One of the first things he will probably get is a pool cover and roller because he has been talking about it for a while now so we might just order it for him.”

Jarred from Southside Pool Services said, “It still leaves him with plenty of the prize to look after his pool and we would be delighted to help Rebecca’s Grandad spend the rest of the prize money on the various maintenance and supplies that we have in store.”

When collecting her prize Rebecca said in the lead up to the end of the Challenge they were all watching the other entrants of the competition. “There were some real good ones there… we were getting a bit worried as the January winner was getting a lot of likes. Mum said the reach of the video got so much that she was getting friend requests through Facebook from people she knew in the UK,” she added.

If you haven’t already seen it, check out Rebecca’s video here. Congratulations to Rebecca once again on her clever entry. With the catchy music and unique choreography, you’re a worthy winner. Enjoy…

Announcing our January Best Splash Winner!

We had more than 30 BEST SPLASH entries in January on Facebook and Instagram.

Congratulations goes to Alex Dorrity of NSW for his original BEST SPLASH photo taken with friends at sunset near his home at Kingsley Beach. It was an amazing shot that gained over 106 likes on Facebook.

Alex was overseas when he heard the good news. However, one of the first things he did when he returned was visit his nearest Daisy Expert Poolside Davidson Pool & Spa Services at Salamander Bay. There he was presented with his new GoPro Hero Black Edition camera by Shop Owner Adam Parker.

Our winner Alex, who is currently in his second year of Uni studying to be a Pre School Teacher, was very pleased to win the Go Pro and said it was on his wish list! He said he found the competition on the internet by doing a Google on ‘Win a Camera’. Lucky him!

Alex said, “I dreamed of winning the Go Pro so I was so excited to hear that I’d won when I was on holiday in the US. I’d like to use my new Go Pro to do another ‘SPLASH’ for the Daisy Facebook Page.”

We look forward to seeing Alex’ next SPLASH! Check out his winning entry here:

From our Expert, Adam said he definitely saw future potential to use the promotion in his business and looking back, he said he could have used it to a bigger advantage in November 2014 when he had his Shop Open Day. He’s delighted to be a part of this win/ win idea!

Our BEST SPLASH Grand Prize Winner to be announced this week – stay tuned!

Daisy’s first price rise in four years

At Daisy, we stand by our products and have always done our best to keep our retail pricing highly competitive through efficiencies and innovation.

For four years we’ve managed not to increase our pricing to you, even absorbing raw material increases and rising freight costs when we knew times were challenging.

This year however, we’ve had to raise our prices slightly by 2.5%. We hope this has minimum impact to you.

Stay informed! Feel free to catch up with your Daisy Area Manager to keep up to date with our initiatives and to see if we can assist you in any way.

Community support for Fitzgibbon’s Jett Corson

Jett Corson, who suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, is an inspiration to most people. His optimism and hard work was recognised six months ago, with the gift of a pool donated and specially built with the support of the community. Today, the community support continues for Jett with a further donation from Australia’s largest supplier of pool covers and rollers, Daisy Pool Covers & Rollers and national pool retailer Clark Rubber.

Jett’s mother Susan Anderson said “having the pool accessible at home has enabled Jett to do his hydrotherapy exercises over the last six months more easily. The special ramp has meant that he can get in and out of the pool himself which gives him both motivation and independence.”

“He’s been in the pool at least four to five times a week, even when it rains because it’s heated” she said. “It has really made a difference with his general mobility, weight stability and loosening his stiff and sore muscles”.

Realising the benefits of pool covers in helping to keep the heat in and save on heating costs, Jett’s parents welcomed the new pool cover and roller from Daisy.

“It will make an incredible difference and will lessen the expense of running the heater and chemicals needed to keep the pool in check, as well as help with water evaporation.” Susan said. “We’re so thankful and humbled by the generosity of Daisy and Clark Rubber getting involved and offering their support.”

Daisy Managing Director Derek Prince said Daisy was honoured to be involved.

“We wanted to help Jett and the donation of a Daisy Pool Cover will help keep the pool at optimum temperatures and minimise the family’s expenses and time” Derek said.

Clark Rubber Virginia Manager Michael Young also donated his time to install the Daisy Pool Cover and Roller.

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