Daisy’s New Look and Feel

As Australia’s largest supplier of pool covers and rollers, we understand that we need to not only lead the industry, but do this in the spirit of continuous improvement.

In readiness for the summer of 2014-15, we’ve got a new look website and lots more to share with you!  Check us out at www.daisypoolcovers.com.au!

You’ll notice that our focus is on Daisy’s Quality. With ongoing investment in research and development, only Daisy’s pool covers carry the trademarked UltraDomeTM technology and design to make it last longer and perform better in terms of insulation and protection.

With our on-going support for all our Daisy Experts, we will continue to promote our products to help you sell more Daisy, easily!

We’re proud to also back our new look with new collateral. Watch out for your copies coming to you soon!

Daisy Makes a Splash!

The team at Daisy made a great SPLASH! at the largest pool and spa trade show in Australia, held 16-17th July!

There was strong national and international representation from a range of sectors at the Show; from retailers right through to builders and designers.

Our Daisy representatives and territory managers, Brett, Lee and John, manned the Daisy booth over the two-day Show. They were kept busy with lots of visitors interested in all that’s new at Daisy, with our Daisy Power electricrollers proving popular. There was also lots of interest in learning about our unique technology behind what seems to be a humble pool cover and roller!

Overall sentiment from Show goers on the upcoming season was positive. With the summer ahead, we’re looking forward to a great season with Aussie families loving their pools!

A big thanks to all involved for their support!


Five Things To Consider When Warming Up For The Summer

  1. With drought forecasted for South East Queensland (SEQ) and Northern NSW, we can predict that water is going to be scarce again this summer
  2. With a more inviting swimming season, there will be more people bathing, and more evaporation
  3. To save water evaporation, put a cover on your pool to warm the water which will allow you to start swimming sooner
  4. The average backyard pool will lose over its entire volume of water in evaporation over summer…
  5. Why not keep your pool covered with a Daisy, it’ll stop 97% of evaporation.

For more info on saving evaporation, check out our website: www.daisypoolcovers.com.au