10 year warranties when you install a Daisy!

Another solid reason for your customer to deal with you

Daisy is helping your business by offering a 10 year pro-rata warranty to your customers when you install a 525 pool cover. This extended warranty offer shifts the emphasis on the speciality and quality service aspect of your business. It also creates another solid reason for your customer to deal direct with you.

As a specialist you know how to look after the water chemistry and give the right adviceā€¦ so when you, as a Daisy Expert, sell and install a Series 8 pool cover your customer will receive a 10 year pro-rata warranty. This is two more years of cover than the existing pro-rata warranty for our Series 8 pool covers.

To receive the extended warranty, all your consumer needs to do is register their warranty, show their proof of purchase of the Series 8 pool cover and indicate that you installed it for them. So simple!

See what the Warranty Registration Form looks like here.