No longer is it a level playing field…

We’re now extending value on dealing with pool shops as a service provider, and installer!

By changing the playing field, price objection for customers is lost… no longer are we talking about: “I want a cheap pool cover”. If you have a ‘price only’ conscious buyer who wants a product at the lowest price regardless, then you are never going to convert them. Much the same way in that we will not get the mass merchant customer. This is not the market where anyone can survive… as no one wins a race to – rock-bottom.

Pool shops and technicians are a specialist business that offers quality advice and support along with full service. If an end user confronts you with an internet price then we can reply with: “Yes, but with us you receive the 10 year extended warranty”, so no longer is it a level playing field.

Price is price however we need not match an internet price as we are now extending value on dealing with the good old bricks and mortar pool shop as a service provider and an installer, so even if it is the same product… it’s a different price and different end service.

We should not price match the internet with or without a different product, be aware of what you are trying to compete with and up sell a product with extra value…

The Daisy Warranty is without doubt the best in our industry. We actually deliver – with care.

Not only are we now making it easier for your customers to keep track of their purchase from you by giving them the ability to register their purchase online at – our warranties now go for up to 10 years! This means that if they ever have a problem, they can send an enquiry via our website or just call us. We’ll have all their details on record. You’re welcome to do so too!

Did we say 10 years! As of 1st July, we extended the Series 8 pool cover pro-rata warranty from eight to 10 years – but only if they get you, our Expert installer to install it for them, that’s you!. That’s an incentive you can sell to them.

Have you received our letter explaining this extended warranty? If not, just email and we will send a copy to you.